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  • Planets and the Solar System

    Cottage Door Press, Patrica J. Murphy, Smithsonian Kids (Photography)

    Board book (Cottage Door Press, Sept. 17, 2019)
    Touch, read, and discover all about our amazing solar system with your toddler and Smithsonian Kids! Featuring special embossing to highlight fun facts about the wonders of space and the universe, this book engages both verbal and tactile learning skills. Embossed textures and bright, detailed photographs and renderings from Smithsonian are sure to engage, entertain, and educate your curious toddler.Embossed pictures allow your toddler to touch and feel as they learn.Learn surprising facts about the planets in our skies.Facts and images from Smithsonian Kids are sure to educate and entertain.Our First Discovery books engage your toddlers verbal and tactile learning skills with fun facts for you to read paired with textured embossing over the images.Practice preschool and kindergarten skills with Smithsonian!
  • Our Solar System

    American Museum of Natural History, Connie Roop, Peter Roop

    Board book (Sterling Children's Books, June 14, 2016)
    The youngest astronomers can go forth and journey into outer space in this fun, basic introduction to the solar system. The unique format presents our sun and each planet in order with graduated flaps—turn each flap to reveal fascinating facts on each celestial body, and even the Milky Way!
  • The Solar System

    Kenneth Walsh

    eBook (Teacher Created Materials, Dec. 1, 2011)
    Explore our solar system and Earth's place in it as readers flip through the pages of this nonfiction title. Featuring vibrant images in conjunction with accessible charts and diagrams, readers will be fascinated from cover to cover!
  • The Solar System

    Sunil Tanna

    eBook (Answers 2000 Limited, March 2, 2019)
    A complete guide to the Solar System including the Sun, all the planets, all the recognized dwarf planets & much else besides - major moons, asteroids, comets, meteoroids & more. You'll also learn about the what lies beyond the Solar System, how the Solar System was formed & how it is expected to evolve in future. Contains numerous color pictures, illustrations & diagrams that will fascinate amateur astronomers & junior scientists.Updated April 2020Table of Contents:1: The Solar System: A Whistle-Stop TourThe SunThe Planets-How Many Planets?-How Far are the Planets from the Sun?-Planetary Orbits-Planetary Rotation-Types of PlanetsMinor Planets, Dwarf Planets & Comets-Minor Planets of the Inner Solar System - Asteroids-Minor Planets of the Outer Solar System-Dwarf Planets-CometsMeteoroids, Micrometeoroids & Space Dust-Meteors & Meteorites-Sources of Meteoroids & Micrometeoroids-Meteor Showers & Meteor StormsMoons-How Many Moons are There?-Can a Moon Have Its Own Moons?-How Big Can Moons Be?-How Small Can Moons Be?-Orbital Characteristics of Moons-Tidal Locking-Trojan Satellites2: The SunName & DiscoveryPhysical CharacteristicsRotationStudy & Exploration3: MercuryName & DiscoveryPhysical CharacteristicsOrbitRotationMoonsStudy & ExplorationLife?4: VenusName & DiscoveryPhysical CharacteristicsOrbitRotationMoonsStudy & ExplorationLife?5: EarthName & DiscoveryPhysical CharacteristicsStudy & ExplorationOrbitRotationThe MoonStudy & ExplorationLife6: MarsName & DiscoveryPhysical CharacteristicsOrbitRotationMoonsStudy & ExplorationLife?7: JupiterName & DiscoveryPhysical CharacteristicsOrbitRotationRingsMoonsStudy & ExplorationLife?8: SaturnName & DiscoveryPhysical CharacteristicsOrbitRotationRingsMoonsStudy & ExplorationLife?9: UranusName & DiscoveryPhysical CharacteristicsOrbitRotationRingsMoonsStudy & ExplorationLife?10: NeptuneName & DiscoveryPhysical CharacteristicsOrbitRotationRingsMoonsStudy & ExplorationLife?11: Planet NineName & DiscoveryPhysical CharacteristicsOrbitRotationRingsMoonsStudy & ExplorationLife?12: CeresName & DiscoveryPhysical CharacteristicsOrbitRotationStudy & ExplorationLife?13: PlutoName & DiscoveryPhysical CharacteristicsOrbitRotationMoonsStudy & ExplorationLife?14: HaumeaName & DiscoveryPhysical CharacteristicsOrbitRotationRingMoonsStudy & ExplorationLife?15: MakemakeName & DiscoveryPhysical CharacteristicsOrbitRotationMoonsStudy & ExplorationLife?16: ErisName & DiscoveryPhysical CharacteristicsOrbitRotationMoonsStudy & ExplorationLife?17: Beyond the Solar SystemStars-Types of Stars-Distances to Stars-Other Solar SystemsGalaxies-Types of Galaxies-Our Galaxy - The Milky WayGroups, Clusters & Superclusters18: The History of the Solar SystemThe Big BangThe First StarsLater StarsThe Birth of the Solar SystemThe Formation of the Planets & Asteroids-Terrestrial Planets-Giant Planets-The Asteroid Belt-Planetary MigrationMoonsLate Heavy Bombardment19: The Future of the Solar SystemThe SunThe PlanetsMoonsThe Milky Way & the Local GroupThe Ultimate Fate of the UniverseConclusion
  • The Solar System

    Emily Bone, Terry Pastor, Tim Haggerty

    Hardcover (Usborne Pub Ltd, June 1, 2010)
    Discusses the planets, the sun, and the exploration of space.
  • Our Solar System

    Seymour Simon

    Paperback (Collins, Aug. 26, 2014)
    Join award-winning science writer Seymour Simon in this completely updated edition of Our Solar System, as he takes young readers on a fascinating tour through space! With beautiful full-color photographs and spacecraft images, including many taken by the Mars rovers and Hubble Space Telescope, this nonfiction picture book teaches young readers all about the solar system, including the sun, the eight planets, and their moons. Covering all the latest discoveries in space, young astronomers will be over the moon about the fun facts, fascinating science, and incredible photographs. A must-have for every child interested in outer space! This book includes an author's note, a glossary, an index, and further reading suggestions. An excellent choice for classrooms and homeschooling, Our Solar System supports the Common Core State Standards.Check out these other Seymour Simon books about the universe and space: Comets, Meteors, and Asteroids Destination: Jupiter Destination: Mars Destination: Space Exoplanets Galaxies Stars The Sun The Universe
  • The Solar System

    Vimal Vachhani

    language (, July 25, 2018)
    Filled with colorful images and clever poems, The Solar System is a fun and educational tour through the celestial bodies in our solar systems. Read it to young children or let older children explore on their own, The Solar System will be valuable to all ages, even adults!
  • The Solar System


    Paperback (QEB Publishing, Jan. 1, 1900)
    Excellent shape, satisfaction guaranteed
  • The Solar System

    Rebecca Kraft Rector

    Library Binding (Enslow Publishing, July 15, 2019)
    The sun, planets, moon, and other space objects are all part of our solar system. With this fact-filled book, readers learn what a solar system is and what it contains, such as asteroids, comets, the Kuiper Belt, and the Oort Cloud. Full-color photographs and fast facts illuminate this fascinating topic, while a Words to Know section and an entertaining activity reinforce new knowledge. This book correlates directly with the Next Generation Science Standards' expectation for understanding Earth's Place in the Universe in first and second grades. It is also aligned with English Language Arts standards.
  • The System

    Teshelle Combs

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, April 14, 2014)
    1 + 1 = Dead. That’s the only math that adds up when you’re in the System. Everywhere Nick turns, he’s surrounded by the inevitability of his own demise at the hands of the people who stole his life from him. That is, until those hands deliver the bleeding, feisty, eye-rolling Nessa Parker. Tasked with keeping his new partner alive, Nick must face all the ways he’s died and all the things he’s forgotten. Nessa might as well give up. The moment she gets into that car, the moment she lays her hazel eyes on her new partner, her end begins. It doesn’t matter that Nick Masters can slip through time by computing mathematical algorithms in his mind. It doesn’t matter how dark and handsome and irresistibly cold he is. Nessa has to defeat her own shadows. Together and alone, Nick and Nessa make sense of their senseless fates and fight for the courage to change it all. Even if it means the System wins and they end up…well…dead.
  • Simon and the Solar System

    Derek the Ghost, Derek Taylor Kent, Derek Taylor Kent Books

    Audiobook (Derek Taylor Kent Books, May 2, 2016)
    Young Simon Beck can't fall asleep because he's terrified about having to take an astronomy test the next morning at school. But not to worry! A friendly alien named Neil Newton zooms into his room and takes him on a hilarious, hair-raising tour of the Solar System to make sure he aces the test! Simon gets to zip through the rings of Saturn, walk on the surface of Mars, and even has a close encounter with the Sun!
  • The Planets and the Solar System

    Jen Green, Ruth Sillers, Naxos AudioBooks

    Audible Audiobook (Naxos AudioBooks, May 6, 2014)
    Living busily on Planet Earth, we rarely remember that we actually inhabit only a miniscule part of the universe. In The Planets and the Solar System, Jen Green paints the wider picture, and takes us on a journey across billions of kilometers in our galaxy, from our Sun to near and distant planets. Some, like Mercury, have a molten core surrounded with crust and spins quickly; Jupiter, on the other hand, is a big ball of gas. For 2,500 years, mathematicians and scientists from Pythagoras to Hubble have investigated our universe and found that the dimensions, the temperatures and the speeds (light years!) are unbelievably extreme. A fascinating introduction for younger listeners.