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Books with title The Rain Train

  • The Last Train

    Michael Pronko

    eBook (Raked Gravel Press, May 31, 2017)
    Winner 2018 Shelf Unbound Best Independently Published Book Winner 2017 Book Excellence Awards Best MysterySolo Medalist Winner 2017 New Apple Awards for Excellence Detective Hiroshi Shimizu investigates white collar crime in Tokyo. When an American businessman turns up dead, his mentor Takamatsu calls him out to the site of a grisly murder. A glimpse from a security camera video suggests the killer might be a woman. Hiroshi quickly learns how close homicide and suicide can appear in a city full of high-speed trains just a step—or a push—away. Takamatsu drags Hiroshi out to the hostess clubs and skyscraper offices of Tokyo in search of the killer. Hiroshi goes deeper and deeper into Tokyo’s intricate, perilous market for buying and selling the most expensive land in the world. He teams up with ex-sumo wrestler Sakaguchi to scour Tokyo’s sacred temples, corporate offices and industrial wastelands to find out why one woman was driven to murder. After years in America and lost in neat, clean spreadsheets, Hiroshi confronts the stark realities of the biggest city in the world, where inside information can travel in a flash from the insiders at top investment firms to street-level punks and teenage hostesses, everyone scrambling for their cut of Tokyo’s lucrative land deals. Hiroshi’s determined to cut through Japan’s ambiguities—and dangers—to find the murdering ex-hostess before she extracts her final revenge—which just might be him. More at:
  • The Rainbow Trail

    Zane Grey, Jim Roberts, Jimcin Recordings

    Audiobook (Jimcin Recordings, June 17, 2009)
    John Shefford rode into Utah's valley in search of a new life and when he met Fay Larkin, he knew he had found it. Even when she was charged with murder, he did not care. She was worth life itself.Breaking her out of jail was the easy part. After that he has posses to worry about, violent bands of Indians to out run, a murderous trek across a trackless waste, and a brutal passage through white water hell.Busting her out of jail had been a cinch. After that, it got really tough.
  • Traci the Train

    Ken Bossone, Angel Heaven Lee, Nobility Books

    Audible Audiobook (Nobility Books, Nov. 16, 2015)
    Meet Traci the Train! A friendly, positive and loveable locomotive steam engine! Through the years, she's served the tracks of West Cheddar well, carrying children from one place to another while always putting smiles on everyone's faces. Traci is the nicest and kindest steam engine there is, but not everything is going poor Traci's way. The newer and shinier trains are becoming popular and are being used more. Those trains are both faster and bigger, meaning that there isn't much room left for poor old Traci anymore. However, Traci is strong, and even though a lot of the old steam engines are starting to be used for scrap metal, she is able to stay positive and remain happy with the help of your child and her other friends. A young passenger (your child) doesn't give up on Traci and gives her the support and encouragement she needs. One day one of the bigger, newer, shinier trains takes a tumble on the tracks and needs some help. But none of the bigger trains can reach him because they're just too big themselves. So the question is...Who can reach the stranded train and save the day? If only there was a positive, friendly, smaller, lovable locomotive. Oh wait, there is!
  • Stop the Train!

    Geraldine McCaughrean, Ellen Myrick, the Full Cast Family, Full Cast Audio

    Audiobook (Full Cast Audio, Dec. 29, 2005)
    From the author of The Kite Rider comes another great historical novel—this time set in the American west, where the residents of a new settlement struggle against nature and the railroad to keep their town alive. Pulse-pounding adventure, moments of gut-bustin’ humor, and a deeply moving sense of community.
  • The Rain Train

    Elena de Roo, Brian Lovelock

    Hardcover (Candlewick, March 8, 2011)
    All aboard! Take a train ride through a storm at night in a rhythmic readaloud chugging with sound words and full of striking illustrations.A pitter-pat-pat, a pitter-pat-pat,A pittery-pittery-pittery-pat.When it’s thundering down on the roof, in the lane, From the storm comes the call . . . "All aboard the Rain Train!" What child wouldn’t like to hop on a train, hand over his ticket, and set off on an exciting ride through a rainy night? Safe from the elements, a young boy listens and watches— in his seat, in the dining car, and snug in his sleeper— as his train whooshes past city lights, over rivers, through tunnels, and straight on to morning.
  • The Rainbow Trail

    Zane Grey

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Aug. 17, 2015)
    The story of a young clergyman who becomes a wanderer in the great western uplands--until at last love and faith awake. Sequel to Riders of the Purple Sage.
  • In the Rain

    Elizabeth Spurr, Manelle Oliphant

    Board book (Peachtree Petite, March 1, 2018)
    Simple and evocative language and charming illustrations describe a girl's experience on a rainy day. On a rainy day, a young girl makes a paper boat, splashes in puddles, makes mud pies, and has other springtime fun! Elizabeth Spurr and Manelle Oliphant together create a perfect sit-in-your-lap reading experience for toddlers.
  • The Train

    Georges Simenon

    Mass Market Paperback (Pocket Books, )
  • On the Train


    Hardcover (Heimburger House, )
  • The Runaway Train

    Cecilia Minden, Bob Ostrom

    language (Herbster Readers, Jan. 1, 2014)
    A trip on a city train provides the basis for an imaginary adventure.
  • The Train

    Georges Simenon

    Paperback (Pocket Books, )
  • The Train

    David McPhail

    Paperback (Little Brown & Co (Juv Pap), March 1, 1990)
    When Matthew climbs out of bed one night to fix his broken train, he is delighted to find that his favorite toy has come to life. A warm, satisfying, and quietly humorous tale--perfect for bedtime reading. Illustrated.