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  • Polly and the North Star

    Polly Horner

    Paperback (Dolphin Paperbacks, Oct. 1, 2003)
    Polly's father has gone to the North Pole. Every night she looks out of the window and follows the Great Bear to the North Star, so she can say goodnight to him. Then she reads to Sirius, her wolfdog, about the animals and places her father is trying to protect. And when she goes to sleep her dreams take Polly to the Arctic. But on the night her father is due to return, there is a storm and he fails to arrive. When Polly closes her eyes she is in the midst of a blizzard in the Arctic with Sirius. The polar bears and wolves help her find her father, unconscious but still alive. And when Polly wakes up at home, her father is holding her in his arms. Polly Horner is both artist and storyteller. Her illustrations are dreamlike and evocative, with wonderful Arctic scenes. The bond between father and daughter gives a powerful charge to an unusually strong story.
  • To the North

    Elizabeth Bowen

    Paperback (Avon Publishers, March 24, 1979)
  • The Star

    Ute Blaich, J Litty, U Blaich, Julie Litty

    Paperback (NorthSouth, Sept. 1, 2001)
    As the Owl tells the story of man's celebration of Christmas and the spirit of giving, the other forest animals doubt his words as they sit cold and hungry in the woods, yet when a man and young boy arrive with food for all, the animals realize that they were wrong for judging their human neighbors so harshly.
  • Chasing The North Star

    Robert Morgan

    Hardcover (Wheeler Publishing Large Print, May 4, 2016)
    Bestselling novelist and historian Robert Morgan brings to full and vivid life the story of a young slave named Jonah Williams who, on a moonless night in the spring of 1851, makes a bid for freedom with only the North Star to guide him.
  • The Star

    Shweta Sanzgiri

    (FriesenPress, June 4, 2018)
    The Star is a short, sweet burst of poetic storytelling where we are introduced to a tiny star-the focus of the tale-who wishes to be bigger and to play a more important role in the night sky. The star's search for its purpose illustrates an important lesson for the young readers: everyone's powers and talents-however seemingly insignificant-are enough to make a difference.In this, we find the story's main theme: that everyone has a special purpose that draws on their unique potential....
  • Beyond the North Star

    Peter Day

    Paperback (Red Fox, )
  • Mark and the North Star

    Mark R Williamson

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Nov. 28, 2016)
    The story of the North Star learning his importance and the reasons he is counted on by the people of earth. During the stars discovery he is assisted by a young boy and his friends along with the Man in the Moon. A colorful illustrated story of self discovery, friendship, learning and the many roles the North Star plays for others.
  • To the North

    Elizabeth Bowen

    Paperback (Penguin Classics, March 1, 1997)
    A young woman’s secret love affair leads to a violent and tragic act in one of Elizabeth Bowen’s most acclaimed novels. To the North centers on two young women in 1920s London, the recently widowed Cecilia Summers and her late husband's sister, Emmeline. Drawn to each other in the wake of their loss, the two set up house together and gradually become more entwined than they know. But the comfortable refuge they have made is "a house built on sand"; both realize it cannot last. While Cecilia, capricious and unsure if she can really love anyone, moves reluctantly toward a second marriage, Emmeline, a gentle and independent soul, is surprised to find the calm tenor of her life disturbed for the first time by her attraction to the predatory Mark Linkwater. Bowen’s psychological acuity is on full display in a conclusion that plumbs the depths of this seemingly detached young woman in a single, life-shattering moment.
  • Following the North Star

    Robert L. Buyer

    Paperback (InspiringVoices, June 20, 2013)
    It's 1947, and George has just graduated from high school in Maine. He wants to find a job that will be physically challenging and spiritually rewarding, and he's always admired the local loggers who put their heart and soul into their work. Unfortunately, there are no available jobs in Maine, so George accepts a position at a logging camp in Oregon, thousands of miles from home. George enjoys the strenuous new job and realizes that by providing lumber, he is contributing to society, even if it's in a small way. He makes friends with Jacob, a fellow logger and amateur astronomer, and together they study nature and begin to reconsider their values in life. Then tragedy strikes; Jacob has an accident and ends up in the hospital. When George visits Jacob in the hospital, he's impressed by the medical staff's love and skill. They are truly making a difference in people's lives. Could he do the same? With prayer and deep consideration, George decides that he, too, wants to have the same type of role, and he determines to go to medical school after he is done with his term at the logging camp. But lots of obstacles stand in George's way, and he must look to God for direction. Will he be able to reach for his dreams?
  • The New Star

    Taffy Davies

    Paperback (Abingdon Press, Aug. 1, 1997)
    At the dawn of time a new star was created. It was no brighter or more beautiful than any of the other stars studding the deep darkness of space. But this new star had a special purpose. It was there to announce the birth of a new king, a king whose life changed the world forever. The New Star follows the life of that star from its creation until it dies at the time when Jesus died on the cross. Of course, that was not the end of the story. Jesus rose again, the bright and morning star. Beautiful illustrations of stars and planets whirling through space appear on every spread. When one lifts the flap, the story of humankind and God's work with humankind appears from the Creation through the Resurrection.
  • To the North

    Elizabeth Bowen

    Paperback (Vintage/random Uk, May 1, 1999)
    "To The North" portrays a classic romantic entanglement of a sympathetic, honest, well-meaning young woman who cannot resist becoming involved with a man who is patently caddish and predatory. In striking and richly comic contrast to the turbulence of this passion is the cool, detached atmosphere of the house in St John's Wood in which it takes its course - where the young woman's sister-in-law with her strictly unromantic preoccupations is always near by, the orphaned teenager Pauline presents herself as gawky innocence itself, and the power-loving busybody Lady Waters misses nothing.
  • The lady of North Star

    Ottwell Binns

    Paperback (University of California Libraries, Jan. 1, 1922)
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