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  • The Mominator

    Julie Boye, Brooke Knight

    Paperback (Boye Family Jewels, The, April 7, 2019)
    Meet the world’s greatest heroines—our Mominators! They may be covered in baby drool, cheering on the sidelines at the top of their lungs, or blubbering messes over the first day of school, but moms have superpowers. They heal hurts, support the biggest dreams (and dreamers), and teach even the fanciest basketball moves. Though moms are multi-tasking machines, they still kneel to pray for a divine helping hand. A perfect picture book for kids and moms to celebrate mominators on Mother’s Day and every day throughout the year.
  • The Terminator

    Mark Crose

    Hardcover (Crestwood House, Oct. 1, 1991)
    A half-human, half-machine creature sets out to exterminate the only woman who can save the human race from extinction, and a section at the end of the book reveals how the special effects were done in the film version of this story