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Books with title The Little Marzipan Man

  • Little Man the Troll

    Ben Fust, Emma Fust

    Hardcover (Benjamin Fust, Oct. 22, 2019)
    Have you ever noticed that when you wake up in the morning things aren't quite the same as when you went to sleep? Maybe one of your socks is pulled off? Or your hair is all out of sorts? And maybe there's a little drool on your face? (Don't worry, we won't tell).How do all those things happen? Why, that's Little Man of course! He's a crafty, mischievous troll (the non-scary kind!) who finds all kinds of fun things to do while you're sleeping. A resourceful and adventurous sort of fellow, it takes everything in his arsenal, including movie projectors, sled dogs, hot dog roasters, fire hoses, jungle ropes and hiking gear, to keep you asleep and him entertained! Published by a father-daughter team, the book features ink and watercolor drawings by 13 year-old Emma Fust.
  • The Little Marzipan Man

    Laurence Anholt

    Paperback (Orchard Books, Oct. 1, 2009)
    There was once a silly old lady who made a marzipan man. No one wanted to eat him - not a monkey, not a giant, not even a marzipan-eating monster!
  • The Little Man

    Erich Kastner, Rick Schreiter

    Hardcover (Alfred A. Knopf, March 15, 1966)
  • The Little Man

    R.S. Rodella

    language (, March 15, 2017)
    The old man needed the old woman. The old woman needed to care for the old man. What they didn't need was the sly little man. This story has a lesson to be learned about stealing. The story includes nice graphic pictures and is suitable for all ages.
  • The Little Man

    HORST KASTNER, ERICH translated from the German by KIRKUP, JAMES with illustrations by LEMKE

    Paperback (Puffin, March 15, 1984)
    The Little Man
  • The Little Green Man

    Liam Francis Kelly

    This is the story of a boy Fynn, who does not enjoy school. He is bored. The summer holidays are drawing to a close. He dreams of magic and adventure. He travels into the woods with his best friend Banjo and a girl from school, Bella. Fynn is annoyed and bit jealous that his best friend, Banjo, has brought Bella on the adventure because Fynn secretly considers himself in love with her and has tried to discourage Banjo from being interested in her. On their journey into the woods they meet an eccentric and very unpredictable little green man. The green man is keen to strike a magical bargain with the three travellers. If they agree to the bargain he will allow them to go through a magic door in the woods which has a golden handle. Fynn finds it uncomfortable talking to the little green man as, despite the fact that he seems silly and crazy, he is able to read Fynn's thoughts and to work out that Fynn is greedy for something precious.The little green man has a flute and an axe that appear to be made of silver. When the children comment upon this he appears offended that they do not know that the metal is a magical substance called "quildron". He implies that only people who have passed the temptation of greed can own or hold quildron. But this does not appear to stop the green man hoarding gold coins and using them to tempt the children into his bargain.The three friends have a volatile debate and argument with the little green man, as he tempts them to enter the world beyond the door. Eventually the bargain is struck and it is beyond the door that the real adventure begins. The little green man appears to go through wild mood swings. He is eccentric in appearance and behaviour but apparently wise. He binds the three children to the magical world by taking something very personal from each of them. In the world beyond the door there is danger awaiting each of the children. Fynn must overcome his pride and longing for something precious in order to try to help his friends and himself. As the story ends each of the children know they have had a magical adventure but do not know what it is that the little green man has done to bind them in some magical way. Fynn is left to wonder whether he can create a monster by imagining it, or whether what he imagines already exists.
  • The Little Blue Man

    George Newberry

    Paperback (AuthorHouse, Oct. 17, 2016)
    In the time of diversity, the little blue man appeared to everyone to bring peace, joy, unity, and love. But will the people listen to him, or would they continuously lead a life that is far from what unity really is?
  • The Little Man

    Erich K"astner

    Hardcover (Vintage/Ebury (A Division of Random House Group), Oct. 6, 1966)
  • The Little Man

    Erich Kastner

    Library Binding (Random House Childrens Books, April 1, 1967)
    Maxie, who is only 2 inches tall, realizes his dream of becoming a circus performer
  • The Little Blue Man

    Corbin Campbell

    The Little Blue Man is a tale of adventure and color for children. This edition also includes some exercises for children and a partial explanation of color theory.


    language (ZeuzssGreen Innovative Press, May 12, 2017)
    The Adventures of.... A Little Match Man.“Good-morning, little match how are you?!" "Dear little match, I will now strike your head!"
  • The Little Match Man

    Luigi Barzini, Hattie Longstreet, S. F. Woodruff

    language (, May 27, 2012)
    "I am going to tell you something that you must never tell any one..."The Little Match Man is Luigi Barzini Sr.'s tale of Fiammiferino, a little man made out of matches from the wood of an enchanted willow tree who comes to life, and his adventures with an Italian war correspondent embedded with the Japanese army.A conversion of a title published before 1923 in the United States. Includes selected illustrations from the 1917 American edition.