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  • Dragon Hunted

    Haley Ryan

    language (Page Nine Press, April 28, 2020)
    What’s worse than a fae prince with murder on his mind?How about a family reunion…But with dragons.The good news is, I survived the murderous fae prince. I also found my aunt and embraced my inner dragon. Everything should be going great, right?If only. My aunt has disappeared again, there’s no news from my friends at the Fae Court, and now there’s a gargoyle terrorizing my customers. To make matters worse, my savings are running out, and I may lose the bookstore unless I can find a job.So of course, that’s when fate decides I have it too easy, and my path suddenly collides with the one person I’ve been running from for nineteen years—also known as “Mom.”My whole life, I’ve been told my family wants me dead, but the truth turns out to be a lot murkier than that. The only way to get to the bottom of all the lies is to take a little field trip to the dragon enclave, where I’ll be surrounded by stubborn, suspicious, short-tempered lizards, most of them not very happy to find out I’m still alive.I’m about to get a crash course in dragon politics—which is just like regular politics, but louder. And with fire.Lucky me.The Dragon of 23rd Street is a YA Urban Fantasy trilogy that’s perfect for fans of Linsey Hall, Bella Forrest, and Annette Marie. Start reading today if you love snarky dragons, dangerous fae, sweet, slow-burn romance, and non-stop twists!
  • The Dragon Painter

    Mary McNeil Fenollosa

    This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.
  • The Dragon Hunter

    D. K. Drake

    (Dream Doers Publishing LLC, April 15, 2016)
    In the Dragon Stalker Bloodlines Saga, Javan, a lanky teenage boy from the Collector Bloodline, is on a mission. He must collect all four types of Dragon Stalkers and unite the four Bloodlines in order to overthrow the Dark King, free the people of Zandador, and save the Dragon Stalkers from extinction. Micah, a strong soldier from the Hunter Bloodline and son of the Dark King, is on a mission to stop Javan by hunting the four types of Dragon Stalkers before Javan can complete his collection. The Battle for the Throne began in book one of the Saga. Micah captured Mertzer, a Dusk Stalker; Javan collected Varjiek, a Noon Stalker. The battle continues in book two, The Dragon Hunter. Micah is one of the youngest men to ever enter the Battle for the Throne, and he proudly fights to keep his father, King Omri, in power. But when he is transported to unfamiliar territory with his rival Javan, his fight becomes one of survival and can only end when he wins another dragon or loses his life.
  • The Dragon Hunter and the Mage

    V. R. Cardoso

    language (, April 25, 2016)
    Magic will make you invincible. If it doesn't kill you first.In a world where magic is punishable by death, brothers Aric and Fadan stumble upon a mysterious, ancient book - A Manual of Magic. They are faced with a choice: take the book straight to the Emperor or see if one of them has the forbidden magical Talent. A decision that will change their lives, and the Empire itself, forever. The brothers are swept away, sent to opposite ends of the world, one to train as a Dragon Hunter while the other taps into magical powers that could spell his execution. Dark forces are moving in the shadows, and while the nobility whispers of rebellion, an ancient evil, long thought gone, is about to awaken. Can Aric and Fadan save the Empire? Will they survive to ever see each other again?
  • The Dragon Hunters

    James Russell, Link Choi

    Hardcover (Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, April 4, 2017)
    Away across the oceans,where few have dared to roam,upon a wondrous island,a family made its home.Living on an island means life is full of adventure for brothers Flynn and Paddy. So when a dragon swoops out of the sky and nabs their beloved dog, Coco, Flynn and Paddy know it's up to them to bring her home. That night, they pack their bags, make some terrible sandwiches, and set off on an epic adventure...See the map in this book come alive! Includes BONUS Dragon Brothers map in 3D for your phone or tablet! Download the free AR Reads app on your Android―or iOS―compatible smartphone or tablet to see and hear dragons fly, geysers gush, and get a glimpse of your favorite characters in action!
  • The Demon Hunter

    Jennifer Martucci, Christopher Martucci

    language (, Feb. 14, 2015)
    All I ever wanted was to be a normal sixteen-year-old boy, to grow up and live a decent, moral life. But all of that was taken from me the day I walked into the wrong place at the wrong time. Now I’ve become something I can’t understand, something I can’t control. I no longer know who I am or what I’m capable of. Daniel Callahan has been thrust into a world of chaos and violence, his life forever changed. After falling victim to a horrific act, everything he knows to be true is turned upside down. Will he be able to endure the trials and tribulations hurled at him? Find out in this first installment of The Demon Hunter series…
  • The Dragon Hammer

    Tony Daniel, Christopher Carley, Recorded Books

    Audiobook (Recorded Books, Aug. 9, 2019)
    The first book in the new epic fantasy series, Wulf's Saga. The 16-year-old third son of a duke in an alternate Viking-like medieval America must face invasion by confederates of a colonial Roman empire based on vampiric blood slavery. The Dragon of Shenandoah wasn't supposed to be calling. Wulf von Dunstig was so far down the succession list, he wasn't even spare to the heir! But calling it was. As the third son of the ruler of the Mark of Shenandoah, Wulf should not have inherited the ruler's complete bond with the giant dragon that lay under his land. He was into reading sagas and ranger lore, after all. Visions and rule were for his brother Otto. Yet when Wulf is secretly compelled to bond with the land-dragon, he finds himself thrust into a terrible new reality. Darkness is rising. Wulf's one chance to halt an invasion of evil is a weapon forged in the heart of a dragon and lost to the world centuries ago. Find it and hope for freedom remains. Lose it, and the dragons - along with the world they made - will fall into endless darkness. That weapon's name? The Dragon Hammer. Cover art by Spectrum Award Winner Daniel Dos Santos.
  • The Hunter

    Mary Casanova, Richard Poe, Recorded Books

    Audiobook (Recorded Books, May 1, 2012)
    Hai Li Bu lives in a small Chinese village. Even though he is a good hunter, there is a drought, and he can no longer find enough food to feed the village. One day, while hunting deep in the forest, Hai Li Bu rescues the Dragon King of the Sea’s daughter. As a reward, Hai Li Bu is given the ability to understand the speech of animals. There is one condition - if Hai Li Bu tells anyone about his gift he will turn to stone. Soon Hai Li Bu is able to feed everyone again. Then the animals tell him a huge storm is coming that will destroy the village. When he tries to warn everyone they refuse to believe him unless he tells them how he knows. Now, Hai Li Bu must decide whether to save himself or his village. Mary Casanova’s adaptation of this Chinese folktale, combined with Richard Poe’s subtle yet powerful narration brings to life a story listeners won’t soon forget.
  • The Dragon Hunters

    James Russell

    Paperback (MELIA PUBLISHING SERVICES, April 3, 2017)
    Dragon Hunters
  • Dragon Hunter

    Nazam Anhar

    language (, June 1, 2015)
    First book of the Lore of Fire. When the dragons emerge to terrorise the village of Shenzing, the legendary Dragon Warriors are summoned for help. Hajur answers the call, but in exchange for his protection he requests a boy to become his follower ... someone brave enough to train in the dangerous ways of the warrior. Could Baran, a village outcast, prove to be the one?
  • The Hunter

    Joe Sparrow

    Paperback (Nobrow, )
  • The Hunter

    Lynnie Purcell, Tatiana Vila, Benjamin Locke

    language (, April 17, 2013)
    Something inhuman is haunting King's Cross; Clare's friends are being chased by unknown Watchers; an angel falls through Clare's roof; and, worse, Clare is plagued by visions of darkness. Clare and Daniel must face these dangers and more, as a threat unlike any they have faced before circles the future.Clare and Daniel are back for more adventures in the first book of The Guardian Series.