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  • The Book With a Hole

    Hervé Tullet

    Paperback (Tate, Feb. 1, 2011)
    The Book with a Hole blasts a hole through the middle of the book itself. Sometimes the hole is an eye the reader can look through; sometimes it is a mouth and the reader's fingers make the teeth! The next minute it is a plate (with food drawn by the reader on a sheet of paper behind the book), an obstacle to jump across, or a saucepan. It's crazy! It's a Book with a Hole! Packed full of Hervé Tullet's zany drawings and inventive ideas, this is bound to enchant children of all ages.Praise for The Book with a Hole« “Deliciously interactive and profoundly immersive, this book provides rich imaginative play from cover to cover. Most apps have a long way to go before they will be as artful and engaging as this interactive wonder.” –Kirkus Reviews, starred review“Tullet's simple innovation allows readers to become active participants in the experience of reading.” –Publishers Weekly
  • The Book With A Hole In It

    J H Trembley

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, May 26, 2012)
    The attic in Grandmothers mansion is a magical and mysterious place where model characters are dressed in Disney costumes. When Zero arrives after being rescued from a foster home he is adopted by his grandmother and cared for by her chauffeur and cook. Zero is joined by his classmates who find a way into the attic while experiencing many exciting adventures as they begin writing a book with holes in it.
  • The Book with a Hole in It

    J H Trembley

    Paperback (Createspace, May 26, 2012)