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Books with title The Adventures of the Little Polar Bear

  • The Adventures of the Little Polar Bear

    Hans de Beer

    Hardcover (NorthSouth Books, Feb. 6, 2018)
    Celebrate the Little Polar Bear's 30th anniversary in this collection of 10 favorite Little Polar Bear stories! From hippos to reindeer to whales and husky pups, Lars, the little polar bear is great at meeting new friends. This collection of heart-warming stories about everyone's favorite little polar bear will make its way into a new generation of children's hearts with this gift collection and amazing value. "Hans de Beer’s “Little Polar Bear” . . . a witty, plaintive book my children adored when they were barely out of diapers."—Dwight Garner, The New York Times “This is an endearing picture book, with soft-colored illustrations that help give a very cold place a warm feel.” —Children’s Literature Reviews Join Lars, the little polar bears, on these 10 different unabridged adventures! Little Polar Bear Ahoy There, Little Polar Bear Little Polar Bear Finds a Friend Little Polar Bear, Take Me Home! Little Polar Bear and the Brave Little Hare Little Polar Bear and the Husky Pup B7 Little Polar Bear and the Big Balloon Little Polar Bear and the Reindeer Little Polar Bear and the Whales Little Polar Bear and the Submarine
  • The Adventures of Buster Bear

    Thornton W. Burgess

    Paperback (Dover Publications, March 24, 1993)
    When Buster Bear comes to live in the Green Forest, the amiable bully stirs up quite a commotion, for bears haven't lived in the forest for years. And sure enough, before long Buster has a series of run-ins with Little Joe Otter, Chatterer the Red Squirrel, Farmer Brown's Boy, and even a stubborn metal pail!These and other entertaining escapades are delightfully recounted in this engaging tale. Set in a timeless world of bubbling brooks, blue skies, and green groves, the story also teaches valuable lessons on the dangers of greed, pride, and insensitivity. The text, printed in large, easy-to-read type, is enhanced by six charming illustrations, based on the originals by Harrison Cady.
  • The Adventures of the Polar Bear Cubs

    Barbara Browning, Tate Publishing

    Audible Audiobook (Tate Publishing, May 8, 2015)
    The hole in the ice got bigger and bigger, and before he knew it Tyler had fallen head first into the icy water! "Hold on!" Hudson cried as he looked for a tree limb to help him rescue his brother. Three polar bears are born into a white, snowy world. They learn some difficult lessons in the process of growing, including confronting death and forming relationships. There is both beauty and danger in their world.
  • The Adventures of Buster Bear

    Thornton W. Burgess, Tom Weiss, Spoken Realms

    Audiobook (Spoken Realms, March 6, 2015)
    Thornton W. Burgess was a conservationist and author of children's stories. He loved the beauty of nature and its living creatures so much that he wrote about them for 50 years. By the time he retired, he had written over 170 books and 15,000 stories for the daily newspaper column. The Adventures of Buster Bear follows a bear who has moved from the Great Woods to the Green Forest. Unknown to the little people of the Green Forest, Buster Bear, although is big and has a grumbly rumbly voice is actually very shy. As with most Burgess books, there is a positive morale to the story.
  • Adventures of Little Bear

    Else Holmelund Minarik, Maurice Sendak

    Hardcover (Barnes & Noble Books, June 25, 2005)
    Wanted: One Little Bear for hours of cozy reading This volume contains the complete text and illustrations of three books: Little Bear, Father Bear Comes Home, and A Kiss for Little Bear. "Little Bear has endeared himself as a character with irresistible, childlike charm" (The Horn Book).
  • The Bedtime Borrower: Adventures of Bristle the Polar Bear

    B. E. Bacon, Gwenn Dawson

    Audiobook (B. E. Bacon, Dec. 10, 2015)
    The Bedtime Borrower by Amazon best-selling author B. E. Bacon is the wonderfully entertaining bedtime story about a curious polar bear named Bristle. Bristle lives in the Alaskan wilderness, just outside of the town of Iceberg. Bristle gets a magical sleep stone for her eighth birthday, which has the power to borrow and give sleep. Although Bristle is warned by her parents to avoid humans, Bristle makes friends with another eight-year-old human girl named Pinga. But when a human boy steals the sleep stone and creates havoc in the town, Bristle and Pinga try to get the sleep stone back. B. E. Bacon is also the author of the best-selling children's books: The Fish That Got Away! and Messy Room Monsters!. Both books are available on Amazon.
  • The Big Adventure of a Little Line

    Serge Bloch

    Hardcover (Thames & Hudson, Feb. 15, 2016)
    A whimsical new book from the renowned illustrator Serge Bloch A small boy taking a walk picks up a little line he finds lying on the sidewalk. Putting it in his pocket, he forgets about it entirely. But the little line has other ideas . . . Enter the magical, creative world of the renowned French artist, Serge Bloch, where anything can happen, and the discovery of an ordinary little line can result in the most marvelous adventure. Coming to life, the little line becomes majestic mountains, wings to fly with, a circus full of animals, flowers, a perilous tightrope, and that’s only the beginning! With this classic story about an artist’s becoming, children will be inspired to create their own drawings, taking simple lines and transforming them into endless possibilities. Illustrated in color throughout
  • The Adventures Of A Little Mermaid

    Gillian Trinder, Stephanie Harvey

    eBook (, July 29, 2020)
    The Little Mermaid loves her home in the sea. But the sea is a strange and wonderful place. And there are dangers in store including hungry fish, a lonely octopus and a greedy fisherman. So when she runs into trouble she has to use her wits to save herself!Mermaid Tales Picture Book Series (Titles 2 - 13 Coming Soon) (1) The Adventures of a Little Mermaid(2) The Three Little Mermaids and the Birthday Present(3) The Big Mermaid and the Sea - Dragon(4) The Big Mermaid and the Water - Sprite have a Party! (5) The Little Mermaid and the Long Lost Secret(6) The Little Mermaid and the Aquarium (7) The Little Mermaid and the Adventure of the Coral Reef(8) The Mermaids and the Royal Visit(9) The Little Mermaid and the Runaway Princess(10) The King of the Mermaids and the Silver Trident (11) The Little Princess and the Adventure of the Sea-Snakes(12) The Dragon-Smith and the Crown of the Mermaid King(13) The Dragon - Smith of Komodo Island
  • Adventures of Little Bear

    Else Holmelund Minarik, Maurice Sendak

    Hardcover (Barnes & Noble, March 15, 1985)
    Collection of three stories from the Little Bear series: Little Bear, Father Bear Comes Home, and A Kiss for Little Bear. An I Can Read Book. This is the Barnes & Noble Edition.
  • The Adventures of Little Bean

    Kurt Van Hoy

  • The Adventures of Nora the Polar Bear

    B. W. Thomson

    language (, March 7, 2017)
    This is the story of Nora, a polar bear who was born and grew up in a zoo in Ohio. Nora gets into a series of misadventures involving toys and her favorite pond as well as experiencing her first snow. Eventually, she moves to another zoo in Oregon and continues her adventures there.
  • The Adventures of Bear Fittle: The Red Apples

    Lavette Ervin, Blueberry Illustrations

    (Independently published, March 11, 2020)
    The Adventures of Bear Fittle is a series of children’s books. It takes them on a journey to explore and enjoy the adventures of eating healthy, playing outside, and hanging out with friends. The Red Apples, is the first edition of the series. It is a fun and easy-to-read book that follows a bear who enjoys eating apples. On this adventure Bear Fittle asks his mother to pick some apples as she heads to the chapel.