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Books with title Star Wars Workbooks: First Phonics - Ages 4-5

  • Star Wars Workbooks: First Phonics - Ages 4-5


    Paperback (Scholastic, March 3, 2016)
    Make learning an intergalactic adventure with First Phonics! This book will help your child prepare to read by teaching them the first steps in phonics. It's 96 fun-filled pages of curriculum-based exercises that will help with letter formation, learning consonant and vowel sounds and much, much more. Some sample contents involves colouring the J spaces to reveal Jar Jar, tracing the P in Padme and Podracer and following the path marked with E to help the Ewoks escape from the emperor! Learn well, you will.
  • Star Wars Workbooks: ABC Fun Ages 4-5

    no author

    Paperback (Scholastic, July 2, 2015)
    Make learning fun with curriculum-based exercises and activities from a galaxy far, far away...