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  • Star Darlings A Wisher's Guide to Starland

    Disney Book Group, Disney Storybook Art Team

    Hardcover (Disney Press, Jan. 5, 2016)
    There is one star in the sky that shines brighter than the rest. It's where our wishes go when we send them out into the universe... and it's called Starland. This is where the Star Darlings live -- twelve girls who are chosen as an secret circle of Wish-Granters. They collect, nurture and help us make wishes come true. A Wisher's Guide to Starland introduces us to the Starlings and the incredible, sparkling, positive-energy-powered world they live in. Filled with facts on Starland and it's inhabitants, this 176-page book is loaded with amazing full-color art and sure to be on every tween's "wish" list!