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Books with title Snoopy's Christmas Surprise

  • Barney's Christmas Surprise

    Shirley-Anne Lewis, Peter Bonnici, Lisa Kopper

    Paperback (Egmont Childrens Books, Oct. 31, 1988)
  • The Christmas Surprise

    Birgit Meyer, Anne Mussenbrock

    Board book (Parklane Pub, Sept. 15, 2004)
    Meyer, Brigit
  • Hoboken's Christmas Surprise

    Ernie Trent

    Paperback (Xlibris Corp, Oct. 10, 2003)
    The story of, " Hobokens Christmas Surprise " is one that hopefully, teaches children to THINK about others instead of oneself! It's about a homeless man and his dog who lives on the outskirts of town. He befriends many with his gifts of trinketts, and such, that he finds and fixes up. He does this through the year; year in and year out. The townspeople of Happy Hollow learn from him the importance of serving one another and soon decide that they must somehow repay this kind man for his thoughtfulness. Needless to say, it was on Christmas Day that they finally get to say, "Thank You!" for all that he's done in the past to make them smile and to forget their troubles! It becomes the BEST Christmas ever in the tiny Town of Happy Hollow!
  • Tina's Christmas Surprise

    Dulce R. Langhan

    Paperback (Xlibris, Oct. 31, 2011)
  • Miles Christmas Surprise

    Carmen Andersen

    Paperback (CSB Innovations, Nov. 3, 2018)
    Just North of the Snowy Mountain, and then left at the giant Iceberg sits a little town called Wintersburg. It is in this town, where a young boy named Miles's life is turned upside down.This year, he feared that there would be no presents under the tree, and no yummy ham to eat.So Miles prayed for a way to save Christmas Day, and just when he began to doubt, he quickly learned what Christmas was truly all about.
  • Mole’s Christmas Surprise

    Lana C. Kuystermans

    Paperback (Authorhouse, Sept. 3, 2019)
    Here within these festive pages you will find an expectant receiver of Christmas goodness. The love of Christmas reaches far and wide, throughout the world, even to the animal kingdom. Our little Mole is also just about to receive his fondness hearts Christmas desires! So sit back, put your feet up and enjoy a closer look into a simple example of fulfilled Christmas Joy! May you be blessed! Story and illustrations by: Lana C. Kuystermans.
  • Christmas Surprise

    Diane Grenier, Ewa and Pawel Pawlak

    Board book (Tormont Publications, Inc., March 15, 2004)
  • Bear's Christmas Surprise

    Elizabeth Winthrop, Patience Brewster, Brewsrwem Patiience

    Hardcover (Holiday House, Sept. 15, 1991)
    While playing hide-and-seek with his babysitter, Mrs. Duck, Bear peeks at his Christmas presents and feels terribly guilty afterwards.
  • Tony's Christmas Surprise

    Shirley Dianne Lise

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Nov. 7, 2013)
    Christmas Holiday is a fun time for Tony as he joins his family in preparing for Christmas Day, and in so doing, discovers the true meaning of Christmas.
  • Bear's Christmas Surprise

    Elizabeth Winthrop, Patience Brewster

    Paperback (The Trumpet Club, March 15, 1992)
  • Bear's Christmas Surprise

    Elizabeth Winthrop, Patience Brewster

    Hardcover (Hodder Wayland, Sept. 15, 1992)
    While playing hide-and-seek with his babysitter, Mrs. Duck, Bear peeks at his Christmas presents and feels terribly guilty afterwards.
  • Molly's Christmas Surprise

    Linda Paul

    Paperback (Crimson Cloak Publishing, Dec. 31, 2017)
    It is Molly’s turn this year to craft an extra special decoration for the top of the Christmas tree, but she is stumped. At the last minute, she has a brainwave, and creates a unique ornament that warms her family’s hearts, and will make this a Christmas to remember. A feel-good Christmas story for children underlining the importance of Family at this special time of year.