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Books with title Snoopy's Christmas Surprise

  • Christmas Surprise

    Roger Priddy

    Board book (Priddy Books, Aug. 16, 2011)
    Surprise your little one this Christmas with this delightful board book! Inside, there are six, fun presents to open up, each with a very special Christmas surprise. Five of the presents reveal an exciting toy or gift, while inside the final present, is a silver, shiny mirror to surprise and delight young readers and which reveals that the biggest Christmas surprise of all – is themselves!
  • A Christmas Surprise

    Jason Cordova

    Paperback (Independently published, Dec. 16, 2019)
    All Kyra wanted was a dog for Christmas. But when Santa delivers a baby kaiju instead, she is determined to fix this mistake, one way or the other.Recruited by Santa to help save Christmas, Kyra will discover not only the meaning of Christmas but the mystery behind the baby kaiju. From the deep dark depths of the Pacific Ocean to the snow-covered tops of the Rocky Mountains, Kyra will discover that sometimes doing the right thing is the scariest.Especially when it means standing up to the Darkness…
  • Elliot's Christmas Surprise

    Andrea Beck

    Hardcover (Kids Can Press, Oct. 1, 2003)
    An Elliot book for children
  • Sophie's Christmas Surprise

    Rosemary Wells

    language (Viking Books for Young Readers, Oct. 16, 2018)
    Adorable mouse Sophie now appears in board book format, perfect for little hands.Sophie is sure that the big box under the Christmas tree is for her. But it isn't! It's for her baby sister, Jane. Much to her dismay, she sees that it's the small package that's for her. But Sophie finds out that the best things often come in small packages.
  • Lotta's Christmas Surprise

    Astrid Lindgren, Ilon Wikland

    Hardcover (R & S Books, Nov. 1, 1990)
    Five-year-old Lotta claims she can do anything--even find a Christmas tree for her family when there are none in town
  • Gatsby’S Christmas Surprise

    Rebecca Luttrell Briley

    eBook (Xlibris US, June 13, 2016)
    Why would the Bavarian hotel website say that dogs are allowedbut no cats? And why would Mommy insist on taking her cat Gatsby with her to the Wolf Hotel anyway? Both Gatsby and Mommy are in for the surprise of their lives in this childrens read-aloud tale for Christmas, fancifully illustrated by Lithuanian artist Gulsun Tiurubajesa.
  • Christmas Surprises!

    Make Believe Ideas Ltd.

    Board book (Thomas Nelson, Oct. 24, 2017)
    A fun, new gift-themed book with flaps to lift on every spread! Unwrap this gorgeous board book to discover what's inside.Christmas Surprise! is a fantastic gift-shaped book with fun flaps to lift on every spread. Each spread contains cute, rhyming text to provide children with a clue about the present inside the wrapping. The book also contains beautiful, bright photography to entertain and engage young readers.
  • Luella'S Christmas Surprise

    Nancy Gaenzle, Paul Bush

    Hardcover (Archway Publishing, Aug. 21, 2018)
    Luella and her neighbor Mr. Santos love to meet at Henrys pond to feed their duck friends and visit about the happenings of the day. The Christmas holiday has arrived. Change is in the air. The ducks will be flying to warmer places. Mr. Santos will be away on vacation. Luella will discover a special surprise about a special someone. Luellas Christmas Surprise is the second book in the Luella books series. The Luella Books are wholesome and family oriented. They were written especially for children in the primary grades. Parents and grandparents will enjoy reading these books to their children! Ann Vogt, school teacher After reading the first four books in the Luella Books series, I enthusiastically recommend them for children and their parents! Ms. Gaenzles writing style reflects both her love for children and her appreciation of those small but important childhood experiences. The books also encourage a love and appreciation of nature and wildlife - especially for our feathered friends. Enjoy! Teresa Alexander
  • Reindeer's Christmas Surprise

    Ursula Dubosarsky, Sue deGennaro

    Hardcover (Allen & Unwin, Sept. 15, 2016)
    It's Christmas time in a warm city and Reindeer has great fun giving presents to his friends Cat, Dog and Guinea Pig. But even when it's warm and sunny outside, it's hard to be far from home and family on Christmas Eve. Luckily, Christmas is a time for exciting surprises, and this year Reindeer might just get one of his very own.
  • Barney's Christmas Surprise

    Mark Bernthal, Bill Alger

    Paperback (Puffin Books, Feb. 10, 1997)
  • The Christmas Surprise

    Nina Levison, Sarah Levison

    language (Nina Levison, Dec. 20, 2013)
    Jess, her best friend Ruby and the rest of Class Three are very excited about the Christmas Concert at Oakhill Primary School. On the day of the Concert, Mrs Duster, the school caretaker realises that her cat Poppy has disappeared. The children search everywhere in the school, but they cannot find her. When strange noises are heard during the Concert, the children begin to wonder if Poppy is trapped somewhere nearby. Will they find Poppy?Are they in for a big surprise?
  • Kippy's Christmas Surprise

    Coralee Cole

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Nov. 3, 2016)
    Kippy can't wait to deliver Christmas gifts to his woodland friends. His parents remind him to come home before dark, but Kippy stops to play with each friend along the way. He eats watermelon seeds with Blossom Possom, plays tag with Fritzie Fox, teeter-totters with Robby Rabbit, jumps rope with Sneeter Snake, swings with Ricky Raccoon, and plays soldiers with Tubby Turtle. Too late, he realizes it's snowing heavily, he's not going to get home before dark--and he's lost. He finally finds what he thinks is his home, but his parents aren't there--nor are his belongings. He falls into a fitful sleep and awakens the next morning in his own bed with his parents standing next to him. His dad had found him in a nearby tree and brought him home. Kippy is so happy! As he somersaults into the living room to see what gifts Santa has left, Kippy's biggest Christmas surprise is waking up at home. This adorable children's book contains original, full-color artwork.