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  • Sly Fox


    Hardcover (Modern Publishing, March 15, 1985)
    nice kids book.
  • Sly Fox

    Tony Hutchings

    Hardcover (Purnell, Feb. 20, 1986)
  • The Sly Fox

    Cui Yan

    Paperback (China Intercontinental Press, March 1, 2014)
    One day, the sly fox saw the crow had a bunch of grapes, it cheated the crow by saying the grapes were sour. The crow was tricked and the fox got this big bunch of grapes. Winter came and the crow held a piece of meat in its mouth, standing on a tree to rest. This time, the fox saw the crow again. It rolled its eyes and said: ""Dear crow, how are you?"" The crow nodded its head. ""Your voice is really good and everyone loves to hear you sing. Can you sing a few words?"" The crow was delighted to sing but the meat fell down once the crow opened its mouth. The fox picked up the meat and ran away quickly. No matter how the crow called, the meat wouldnt come back.