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Books with title Shadow the Deer

  • The Shadow

    Kevin R. Ranville

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Nov. 13, 2014)
    The land is dying. The world is enslaved. At the king's command, Kaitee and her people work day and night destroying poisonous berry bushes around her village, keeping one eye constantly on the skies, fearing the return of the horrible winged terror known as The Shadow. When the monstrous bird returns one day, Kaitee's little brother is taken, and the young girl must embark upon a life-changing journey to rescue him. Along the way, she meets an odd assortment of companions who teach her valuable lessons about life, love, loyalty, and leadership--lessons she will desperately need. For she discovers that in order to save her little brother, she must first save the entire world.
  • The Shadow Shifter

    Nick Falk, Tony Flowers

    Paperback (Penguin Random House Australia, Sept. 1, 2014)
    Can being a dragon help Billy defeat his terrifying enemy? Billy's teenage sister has been kidnapped by werewolves, and only Billy the Dragon can save her. Along with his best friend Jeanie, Benny the were-hamster, and two highly trained were-chickens, Billy takes on his ultimate nemesis—Scratchhook the Shadow Shifter. But will this motley crew be enough to defeat the strongest Shifter of them all?
  • The Shadow Dogs

    Peggy McLain

    Paperback (Tate Publishing, March 18, 2014)
    From across the ocean, to the Carolina Mountains, comes a boy and his faithful yellow dog. An unassuming hero, orphaned at the age of twelve, John is caught up in a web of lies and deceit. In the Shadow Dogs, John Lequire is no stranger to adversity. Growing up in the New World, as others seek to do him harm, he struggles with his own inner demon, a recurring dream that haunts him through out his life. After the Battle of King's Mountain, he returns to his beloved Cheraw Indian friends and finds happiness for a while. Will John learn the secret of his father's death, or is it buried with the lies and deceit that have led John to this juncture in his life? The Holy Man once said that the future is often determined by the past. He told John, "You were a boy. You did what you had to do to become a man. Do not regret the past. The past is like a dream. You cannot change your past, no more than you can change a dream as you sleep."
  • The Shadow War

    Stephanie Flint

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, March 7, 2017)
    Though a shadow is as good as a ghost, with no free will to speak of, they may still be saved...The kingdom of Cirena is under attack from an army of shadows—beings who can only be hurt by magic or fire. Magic has been stolen, and as the shadows spread, infecting all they touch, the last two ribbon mages race to the nearest port city to warn them of the impending invasion.One of those mages, Toranih, is among the few who can see the Trickster-cursed army, and she’s determined to get magic back—no matter how much she distrusts it. When she is captured by shadows and a dark secret is revealed about her future, her best friend, Daernan, is left to defend the city. But his only methods of stopping the shadows are by fire and the devastating magic of the shodo'charl.With the knowledge that the shadows are innocent townsfolk forced to do a warlord's bidding, Daernan must choose between saving the shadows or saving those who have not yet turned.This is a 55,000-word novel. Book Two of The Wishing Blade series.
  • The Shadow Box

    Lillian Carrero

    Paperback (Independently published, Sept. 26, 2019)
    Believe in the magic … Things haven’t been going well for eight-year-old Billy. He’s sad and confused and not altogether sure how to explain any of it to anyone. People around him are saying things he can’t really understand and is trying so hard to. Now, Billy has a plan and is about to embark on a dangerous quest to find the shadow box. If Billy could get, Reggie, his bestest friend and the biggest baddest ten-year-old around as his trusted champion, Billy figures nothing could possibly go wrong.
  • Deep Shadow


    Audio CD (Unabridged edition, March 15, 2010)
    Unabridged CDs, 9 CDs, 11 hours Read by TBA Doc Ford wrestles more than one kind of demon, in the stunning novel from the New York Times--bestselling author.
  • The Deer

    Angela Royston

    Paperback (Kingfisher Books Ltd, April 29, 1988)
  • The Shadows

    Kristyn Delamar

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Dec. 17, 2016)
    The Shadows is a thriller for young adults. It is a story of ghosts luring young children in for some scary times. It all begins in a house that the kids believe will change their luck. It changes their luck alright; but not for the better.
  • The Poe Shadow

    Matthew Pearl

    Hardcover (Random House Large Print, May 23, 2006)
    “I present to you . . . the truth about this man’s death and my life.”Baltimore, 1849. The body of Edgar Allan Poe has been buried in an unmarked grave. The public, the press, and even Poe’s own family and friends accept the conclusion that Poe was a second-rate writer who met a disgraceful end as a drunkard. Everyone, in fact, seems to believe this except a young Baltimore lawyer named Quentin Clark, an ardent admirer who puts his own career and reputation at risk in a passionate crusade to salvage Poe’s.As Quentin explores the puzzling circumstances of Poe’s demise, he discovers that the writer’s last days are riddled with unanswered questions the police are possibly willfully ignoring. Just when Poe’s death seems destined to remain a mystery, and forever sealing his ignominy, inspiration strikes Quentin–in the form of Poe’s own stories. The young attorney realizes that he must find the one person who can solve the strange case of Poe’s death: the real-life model for Poe’s brilliant fictional detective character, C. Auguste Dupin, the hero of ingenious tales of crime and detection.In short order, Quentin finds himself enmeshed in sinister machinations involving political agents, a female assassin, the corrupt Baltimore slave trade, and the lost secrets of Poe’s final hours. With his own future hanging in the balance, Quentin Clark must turn master investigator himself to unchain his now imperiled fate from that of Poe’s.Following his phenomenal debut novel, The Dante Club, Matthew Pearl has once again crossed pitch-perfect literary history with innovative mystery to create a beautifully detailed, ingeniously plotted tale of suspense. Pearl’s groundbreaking research–featuring documented material never published before–opens a new window on the truth behind Poe’s demise, literary history’s most persistent enigma. The resulting novel is a publishing event that, through sublime craftsmanship, subtle wit, and devious twists, does honor to Poe himself
  • Deep Shadow

    Randy Wayne White

    Paperback (G.P. Putnam's Sons, March 15, 1857)
  • The Poe Shadow

    Matthew Pearl, Erik Singer

    Audio CD (Simon & Schuster Audio, May 23, 2006)
    In 1849 Baltimore, following the death of Edgar Allan Poe, Quentin Clark, a young city dweller fiercely loyal to his favorite author, discovers that Poe's final days had been marked by a series of bizarre, unanswered questions and, inspired by Poe's fictional detective C. Auguste Dupin, launches his own investigation to resolve the mystery of Poe's death. Simultaneous.
  • The Shadows

    Megan Chance, Karen Peakes

    Audio CD (Brilliance Audio, Aug. 25, 2015)
    Grace Knox is about to turn seventeen, and the world of Victorian New York society should be opening to her—a time of dances and parties and boys vying for her heart and her hand. Instead, Grace’s world is closing in: the family business is gone; her brother is drinking and gambling away whatever is left; her widowed mother cannot cope; and her grandmother is slipping into madness. And now Grace is having disturbing dreams of ancient battles.Grace’s only hope is to marry Patrick Devlin and let his fortune save them all. But she isn’t sure she loves Patrick, and she doesn’t share his passion to free Ireland from British rule. Why look to Ireland when there is so much poverty and despair here?Then Grace meets Diarmid, an Irish stableboy. Being with him means losing everything. But the secrets and mystery surrounding him are too compelling to ignore. Soon Grace is drawn into his world of legend and heroes, magic and prophecy—the world of her dreams—where her own choice between faith and fear holds the greatest power of all.