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  • Raggedy Ann Stories

    John B. (John Barton) Gruelle

    This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.
  • Raggedy Ann

    Johnny Gruelle, Nicki White, Lark Audiobooks

    Audiobook (Lark Audiobooks, July 12, 2016)
    Humorous retelling of the adventures of Raggedy Ann.
  • Raggedy Ann and Rags

    Johnny Gruelle, Jan Palmer

    Hardcover (Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing, Jan. 1, 2003)
    Hardcover with glossy dust jacket 2000 12.00x9.25x0.50 One day when Marcella goes in search of her favorite doll, Raggedy Ann, she finds a tiny puppy dog asleep in the rag doll's lap. She names the little dog "Rags" and takes him home to live with her. Raggedy Ann and the other dolls of the nursery are thrilled to have Rags around, but it isn't until one night when Marcella leaves the dolls outside on the beach that Rags has his first Raggedy Ann adventure
  • Raggedy Ann Stories

    Johnny Gruelle, Pierre Moreau, Author's Republic

    Audiobook (Author's Republic, Feb. 6, 2019)
    "Raggedy Ann" is a character created by American writer Johnny Gruelle (1880-1938) that appeared in a series of books he wrote and illustrated for young children. Raggedy Ann is a rag doll with red yarn for hair and a triangle nose. Johnny Gruelle received US Patent D47789 for his Raggedy Ann doll on September 7, 1915. The character was created in 1915 as a doll and was introduced to the public in the 1918 book Raggedy Ann Stories. When a doll was marketed with the book, the concept had great success. A sequel, Raggedy Andy Stories (1920), introduced the character of her brother, "Raggedy Andy". Further characters such as Beloved Belindy, a black doll, were featured as dolls and characters in books.
  • Raggedy Ann Stories

    Johnny Gruelle

    Hardcover (Little Simon, Oct. 6, 2015)
    Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Raggedy Ann with this brand-new edition of the beloved classic stories written and illustrated by Johnny Gruelle!When Raggedy Ann arrived in Marcella’s nursery, she quickly became the leader of all the dolls. Raggedy Ann always strives to be good—and she usually succeeds! Join Raggedy Ann on adventures from rescuing Fido, the family dog, to getting her famous “I LOVE YOU” heart, to flying in a kite, and much more! Just in time for Raggedy Ann’s 100th birthday, these beloved classics about Raggedy Ann’s adventures are sure to delight fans young and old.
  • Raggedy Ann Stories

    Johnny Gruelle, Cicely Tyson, HarperAudio

    Audible Audiobook (HarperAudio, Oct. 25, 2004)
    On this unabridged program, listeners will hear all the original Raggedy Ann stories, as they follow Raggedy Ann to Marcella's nursery and watch her quickly become the leader of the dolls, and the world. After learning a lesson from a naughty raid on the pantry, Raggedy Ann strives to be good, and succeeds. She and her friends rescue Fido, the family dog, from the dogcatcher. One of her most well-known adventures leads her to get her stuffing replaced, and along the way gets her famous "I Love You" candy heart. First published in 1918, Raggedy Ann has charmed millions of children with her always warm and optimistic outlook and calm approach to difficulties.
  • Raggedy Ann Stories

    Johnny Gruelle, Kim Gruelle

    Hardcover (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, Sept. 30, 1993)
    Since Raggedy Ann first appeared in print in 1918, she has charmed millions of readers with her always warm and optimistic outlook and calm approach to difficulties. Now she returns to delight a new generation in this carefully produced reissue, which restores the book to its original appearance. All the original stories are here, as Raggedy Ann comes to Marcella's nursery and quickly becomes the leader of the dolls. After learning a lesson from a naughty raid on the pantry, Raggedy Ann's adventures show her striving to be good -- and succeeding. She and the other dolls rescue Fido, the family dog, from the dogcatcher. When, in one adventure, Raggedy Ann has to have her stuffing replaced, she gets her famous "I LOVE YOU" candy heart. Raggedy Ann also goes up in a kite, teaches two new dolls to be tolerant, and shares the excitement of a baby brother for Marcella, among several other tales. Johnny Gruelle's delicate illustrations are the perfect companions to the well-loved stories in this American classic, the only edition authorized by the Gruelle family. A brief biography of the author-artist by his grandson, Kim Gruelle, makes this edition especially valuable.
  • Raggedy Ann Stories

    Johnny Gruell, Phil Chenevert, Spoken Realms

    Audible Audiobook (Spoken Realms, Feb. 16, 2015)
    As I write this, I have before me on my desk, propped up against the telephone, an old rag doll. Dear old Raggedy Ann! The same Raggedy Ann with which my mother played when a child. There she sits, a trifle loppy and loose-jointed, looking me squarely in the face in a straightforward, honest manner, a twinkle where her shoe-button eyes reflect the electric light. Evidently Raggedy has been to a tea party" today, for her face is covered with chocolate. She smiles happily and continuously. True, she has been nibbled by mice, who have made nests out of the soft cotton with which she has been stuffed, but Raggedy smiled just as broadly when the mice nibbled at her, for her smile is painted on. What adventures you must have had, Raggedy! What joy and happiness you have brought into this world! And no matter what treatment you have received, how patient you have been! What lessons of kindness and fortitude you might teach could you but talk; you with your wisdom of fifty-nine years. No wonder Rag Dolls are the best beloved! You are so kindly, so patient, so lovable. The more you become torn, tattered and loose-jointed, Rag Dolls, the more you are loved by children. Who knows but that Fairyland is filled with old, lovable Rag Dolls - soft, loppy Rag Dolls who ride through all the wonders of Fairyland in the crook of dimpled arms, snuggling close to childish breasts within which beat hearts filled with eternal sunshine. So, to the millions of children and grown-ups who have loved a Rag Doll, I dedicate these stories of Raggedy Ann". (Summary from the introduction)
  • Raggedy Ann Stories

    Johnny Gruelle

    eBook (Start Publishing LLC, July 18, 2013)
    Mrs. Raffles, widow of the now-deceased A. J. Raffles (gentleman, amateur cricket player, and thief), continues the family legacy of crime -- but this time in America. These stories are narrated by her cohort, Harry "Bunny" Manders, previously the devoted friend and sidekick of A.J. Raffles, in much the same style as the original stories by E.W. Hornung.
  • Raggedy Ann Stories

    Johnny Gruelle

    Hardcover (Inkflight, Feb. 19, 2019)
    Raggedy Ann is a rag doll with red yarn for hair and has a triangle nose. The stories describe a smart, kind, and generous rag doll who comes to life with other dolls when the owner is not in the nursery. Whenever a doll is on the floor in the morning, it is because it just didn’t quite make it back to bed in time.The Raggedy Ann character was created in 1915 as a doll, and was introduced to the public in the 1918 book Raggedy Ann Stories. When a doll was marketed with the book, the concept had great success. Over 75,000 handmade dolls were made by the Non-Breakable Toy Co. of Muskegon, Michigan between 1918 and 1926. The doll and the stories have been used for generations as a way to teach children virtues and values.This cloth-bound book includes a Victorian inspired dust-jacket, and is limited to 100 copies.
  • Raggedy Ann Stories

    Johnny Gruelle

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, April 7, 2018)
    'Raggedy Ann's Fairy Stories was an American artist and political cartoonist, as well as a children's book illustrator and author. The books of 'The Raggedy Ann Series' all feature their central protagonist, with red yarn for hair and a triangle nose – charting her considerable adventures. Gruelle created Raggedy Ann for his daughter, Marcella, when she brought him an old hand-made rag doll. He drew a face on it, and from his bookshelf, pulled a book of poems by James Whitcomb Riley, combining the names of two poems, 'The Raggedy Man' and 'Little Orphant Annie.' From this moment on, the much-loved children's series went from strength to strength. Sought after by collectors, this re-printed edition showcases Gruelle's original text, further enhanced by his wonderful colour drawings, in order that the two may be fully appreciated by young and old alike.
  • Raggedy Ann and Andy

    Johnny Gruelle

    language (Start Publishing LLC, Dec. 17, 2012)
    Mrs Lirriper is an involving story of people thrown together by chance, that moves from the squalors of Victorian London to the sunnier climes of southern France. Recently widowed, Mrs. Lirriper devotes her energies to attending to the needs of her assorted lodgers.