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Books with title Racing Cars

  • Race Cars

    Cody Crane

    Paperback (Children's Press, Sept. 1, 2017)
    Learn the history of auto racing, what it is like to be a race car driver, and much more.Race car technology has come a long way from the early days of auto racing. Today's cars rely on sleek, aerodynamic shapes and powerful engines to give drivers more speed and control than ever before. In this book, readers (Grades 3-5) will find out how engineers and other creative, forward-thinking people work to push race car technology to the limit.
  • Racing Cars

    Philip Raby

    Paperback (Watts Pub Group, June 30, 2000)
  • Wind-up Racing Cars

    Sam Taplin

    Board book (Usborne Publishing Ltd, March 15, 2009)
    All the thrills and spills of the Grand Prix are in this book! With three sturdy tracks embedded in the pages, the two accompanying wind-up racing car toys can be raced, overtaking one another, crashing and swerving to be the first to reach the finish line. It contains all sorts of information and fun facts about motor racing including pit stops, overtaking and getting ready to race. This is a perfect gift for young racing enthusiasts.
  • Cool Drag Racing Cars

    Jon M. Fishman

    Paperback (LernerClassroom, Aug. 1, 2018)
    Introduce readers to cool drag racing cars with vivid photos and engaging text. This title includes information about races, car parts, and the history of drag racing.
  • Racing Cars

    Jeff Savage

    Library Binding (Capstone Press, Jan. 1, 1996)
    Describes some popular race cars and discusses some of the races in which they compete. Includes information on NASCAR.
  • Race Cars

    Wendy Strobel Dieker

    Library Binding (Amicus, Aug. 1, 2019)
    "This search-and-find book invites early readers to look for new vocabulary words and pictures while giving simple facts about race cars and how they keep drivers safe during races"--
  • Racing Cars

    Whitecap Books

    Paperback (Whitecap Books Ltd., Jan. 1, 2010)
    For as long as there have been cars, people have wanted to race them. Motor racing takes many forms, from children's go-karts to souped-up family cars and racing trucks, to the exciting world of Formula 1 racing. The name 'Ferrari' make people think of the famous original red racer, but what do the latest Ferraris look like? Do they come in colors other than red? The thrill and action for racing is captured in the detailed pictures in this book, such as a close-up view of a racing car cockpit and engine. Other spreads show how to modify the family car so you can race it on a track, what happens at a pit stop, new safety features for tracks and drivers and much, much more. And what about the problems you'd face if you took your Formula 1 racing car to the supermarket.
  • Racing Car

    David West

    Hardcover (Raintree, Aug. 25, 2006)
    Racing Car
  • Racing Cars

    Jon Kirkwood

    Hardcover (Copper Beech, April 1, 1998)
    Describes the cars used in Formula One, stock car, and drag racing and briefly discusses the development of racing cars
  • Racing Cars

    Clive Gifford

    Board book (Usborne Pub Ltd, June 1, 1994)
    Shows and describes a variety of racing cars, including a dune buggy, desert racer, and Formula One race car
  • Race Cars

    Chris Bowman

    Library Binding (Bellwether Media, Jan. 1, 2018)
    Whether racing around a paved track, down a straight lane, or across a dirt course, all race cars have one thing in common. They are chasing the checkered flag! No matter their shape or color, race cars are designed for speed. This title revs readers up as it winds through information about the parts and purposes of race cars. Simple informational text introduces key details of machines. Visual features engage the reader and allow for comparing and contrasting. Text/photo correspondence aids in learning key details of a text. Well-organized chapters help students identify primary details. Photo labels visually define glossary terms and other important words. Machine profiles spotlight a specific machine in each title. Size info graphics compare machines to one another and to the average human. ""How to Spot"" sidebars show several key features of each machine. Table of contents, glossary, index are also included.
  • Race Cars

    Allan Morey

    Library Binding (Jump!, Aug. 1, 2014)
    In Race Cars, early readers will learn about the parts of race cars that help their drivers win races. Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully leveled text will engage emergent readers as they discover the unique features of these machines.