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Books with title Princess Protection Program: Princess Protection Program Poster Book

  • Princess Protection Program: Princess Protection Program Poster Book

    Disney Book Group, Disney Storybook Art Team

    Paperback (Disney Press, May 12, 2009)
    Packed with sixteen removable full-color posters, sixteen pull-out postcards, and one giant poster featuring all the characters—including Carter Mason and Princess Rosalinda undercover as an American girl—this poster book is filled with royal adventure.
  • Princess Protection Program

    Wendy Loggia

    Library Binding (Spotlight, Sept. 1, 2010)
    Carter Mason's life was turned upside down when her father, Major Mason of the Princess Protection Program—a fictitious organization that rescues princesses—brings Princess Rosalinda to their Louisiana home. Now, Carter and Rosalinda are both back to their normal lives in Louisiana and Costa Luna. They stay in touch via text, email, phone, and even the occasional visit. Carter tells her friend all about her father's other completed PPP missions, still able to have a laugh over some princesses' antics. Sometimes Carter and her father joke about her going on missions with him—after her plan to save Rosie, her father knows she could someday follow in his footsteps—but he makes it clear that she's not to do anything like that ever again. Carter doesn't seek out trouble, especially when it comes to princesses—it just happens to find her.