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  • Predator

    Linsey Lanier

    eBook (Felicity Books, Feb. 8, 2019)
    "You won't be able to put it down until the very end." Amazon reviewerWhat’s wrong with Mackenzie?PI Miranda Steele knows something has been eating away at her teenage daughter for months now. Does Mackenzie know her real father was a psychotic serial killer?Miranda’s afraid to ask and this time, Parker has no answers.But when her precious daughter goes missing, Miranda spirals into a tailspin. Now she’s forced to ask the most painful question of all.Has Mackenzie’s emotional state caused her to fall victim to a sexual predator?You’ll want to read this exciting, fast-paced thriller because it’s a story readers say they can’t put down.Get it now!THE MIRANDA'S RIGHTS MYSTERY SERIESSomeone Else's DaughterDelicious TormentForever MineFire DancerThin IceTHE MIRANDA AND PARKER MYSTERY SERIESAll Eyes on MeHeart WoundsClowns and CowboysThe WatcherZero Dark ChocolateTrial by FireSmoke ScreenThe BoySnakebitMind BenderRoses from My KillerThe Stolen GirlVanishing ActPredatorRetribution(more to come)OTHER MYSTERY-THRILLERS BY LINSEY LANIERChicago Cop (A cop family thriller)Steal My Heart (A romantic suspense)
  • Predator

    Jack Olsen, Kevin Pierce, Jack Olsen Literary Works, LLC

    Audible Audiobook (Jack Olsen Literary Works, LLC, April 28, 2015)
    An account of the life and crimes of psychopath Mac Smith that describes how Seattle police, eager to make an arrest in the murders of the city's women, arrested the wrong man for Smith's crimes.
  • Predator

    Adriana Patiño

    Fate always loves to play with someone's life.For some, this game ends in Happy End, and for others, Death.Emily Stewart is a kind, sociable and cheerful girl ...Hardin Scott is a criminal, a murderer who does not stop until he reaches his objective ... A meeting and their lives will change forever ...
  • Predator Vs. Prey

    Lisa McMann

    Library Binding (Turtleback Books, May 2, 2018)
    FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Twelve-year-old Charlie Wilde is desperate for answers. Who are the masked people that are after her-and is it really possible they're not human? Where have they taken her father-and why is he so important to them? And what exactly is Project Chimera? The only thing Charlie knows for sure is that it's all connected to the mystery device she found. A bracelet that gives her incredible abilities from the animal kingdom, like the speed of a cheetah and the strength of an elephant. Charlie thought it was one of a kind-but she and her friends have just stumbled upon others, each with their own unique powers. Now they may be the only hope of saving Charlie's dad... and even the world.
  • Predator

    DK Publishing

    Hardcover (DK Children, June 20, 2011)
    The most trusted nonfiction series on the market, Eyewitness Books provide an in depth, comprehensive look at their subjects with a unique integration of words and pictures. *Now reissued with a CD and wall chart! Eyewitness: Predator introduces readers to the world of lions, tigers, wolves, eagles, sharks, and more animals that prey on other animals to survive.
  • Predator and Prey

    Christopher Golden

    Mass Market Paperback (Pocket Pulse, Nov. 27, 2001)
    After his best friend is murdered, nineteen-year-old Jack Dwyer has a ghostly encounter with him where he is given a warning about the Prowlers, a band of vicious beasts that disguise themselves as humans in order to secretly perform their evil deeds. Original.
  • Predator vs. Prey

    Lisa McMann, Shannon McManus

    Audio CD (Dreamscape Media, March 12, 2019)
    Charlie Wilde’s dad has been abducted by masked figures who might not even be completely human. And it will take more than her incredible bracelet―which gives her powers from the animal kingdom―to rescue him.Luckily, Charlie’s friends now have bracelets of their own with all-new abilities…they just have to work through a few issues first. Maria’s device has hair-raising side effects. Mac can’t wait to hack into his. And their frenemy, Kelly, swears hers is a dud. If Charlie is going to have any hope of saving her dad―and the world―from their beastly foes, she’ll have to help her friends master their powers and come together as a team.
  • Predator

    Janice Gable Bashman

    language (, Nov. 6, 2016)
    The hunt is on!When sixteen-year-old Bree Sunderland went with her scientist dad to Ireland, she thought it would be a vacation to study bog bodies. She never expected to fall in love with a mysterious young Irishman and certainly never expected to become the kind of monster her dad said only existed in nightmares. Dr. Sunderland discovers that lycanthropy was not a supernatural curse but rather a genetic mutation. When they return home, her dad continues his research, but the military wants to turn that research into a bio weapons program and rogue soldiers want to steal the research to turn themselves into unstoppable killing machines. Bree’s boyfriend Liam surprises her with a visit to the United States, but there are darker surprises in store for both of them. As evil forces hunt those she loves, Bree must become an even more dangerous hunter to save them all.
  • Predator Vs. Prey

    Mary Meinking

    Library Binding (Raintree, Jan. 1, 2011)
    Discusses the physical characteristics and predatory behavior of eight animals in their hunt for food and describes the things that prey can do to defend themselves.
  • Predator!

    Bruce Brooks

    Hardcover (Farrar Straus & Giroux, May 1, 1994)
    A close-up look at the timeless struggle between predator and prey discusses the delicate balance of the food chain, the dangers of human interference, and the special characteristics and talents of predators
  • Predator

    Wilbur Smith

    Hardcover (HarperCollins, March 15, 2012)
  • Predator

    Wilbur Smith

    Hardcover (HarperCollins, March 15, 1803)