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  • Pocket Genius: Rocks and Minerals: Facts at Your Fingertips


    Paperback (DK Children, Jan. 19, 2016)
    Profiling nearly 200 types of rocks and minerals from volcanic rocks and granite to sparkling diamonds and explosive sulfur, Pocket Genius: Rocks and Minerals digs deep beneath the surface, informing young readers what each rock is made of, how they are formed and what they are used for, how to be a rock collector, and how to identify rocks and minerals. Also highlighting landmarks such as Devils Tower, Giant's Causeway, and Shiprock Pinnacle, this Pocket Genius title shows how rocks and minerals play a part in the formation of each.Redesigned in paperback, DK's best-selling Pocket Genius series is now available in an engaging compact and economical format that is ideal for both browsing and quick reference for use in school and at home. Catalog entries packed with facts provide at-a-glance information, while locator icons offer immediately recognizable references to aid navigation and understanding, and fact files round off the book with fun facts such as record breakers and timelines. Each pocket-size encyclopedia is filled with facts on subjects ranging from animals to history, cars to dogs, and Earth to space and combines a child-friendly layout with engaging photography and bite-size chunks of text that will encourage and inform even the most reluctant readers.
  • Rocks and Minerals:

    Chris Pellant, Helen Pellant, Harry Taylor

    Hardcover (Dorling Kindersley Publishing, March 15, 1992)
    Describes the properties, characteristics, and distinguishing features of more than 500 rocks and minerals around the world and includes a color photograph of each specimen
  • Pocket Genius: Rocks and Minerals

    DK Publishing

    Hardcover (DK Children, May 21, 2012)
    Destined to be toted in school backpacks everywhere, this new encyclopedia series for young readers contains on-the-spot information in children's favorite subject areas. Kids love facts: they want to know about the biggest, fastest, tallest, and oldest everything. Full of instant information, these books feature a fresh design that is sure to appeal to the middle grade audience. These single-subject guides offer a unique catalog-style presentation, which clearly lays out individual subcategories with concise and punchy text covering all of the essential information on whatever topic is at-hand. Pocket Genius: Rocks and Minerals profiles nearly 200 types of rocks and minerals from volcanic rocks and granite to sparkling diamonds and explosive sulfur, and tells what they are made of, how they are formed and what they are used for. Supports the Common Core State Standards.
  • Rocks and Minerals

    Dana Meachen Rau

    eBook (Cherry Lake Publishing, Jan. 12, 2014)
    The Hands on Science series provides students with background on key concepts in Science. Each title includes engaging hands on exercises that bring the concepts to life for kids. Real World Science: Rocks and Minerals, provide background on rocks and minerals, what they are and how they form, how rocks change, and the uses of rocks and minerals.
  • Rocks and Minerals

    Edward Ricciuti, National Audubon Society, Margaret W. Carruthers

    Hardcover (Scholastic, May 1, 1998)
    Describes over 150 types of rocks and minerals
  • Rocks and Minerals


    Paperback (Scholastic Reference, Aug. 25, 2015)
    A Scholastic Level 2 Reader that answers early readers' questions about rocks and minerals!The whole world is made of rocks! The Earth's rocky crust was formed millions years ago, and its rocks are always changing. It is full of fascinating minerals, and we use its treasures in hundreds of ways. Did you know that toothpaste contains finely ground rock dust, that the stripes in the Grand Canyon's rocks were once layers of sand at the bottom of the sea, and that robots are examining the rocks on Mars? This Level 2 Reader teaches readers all about the different kind of rocks and minerals, how rocks were shaped, how we use the Earth's mineral resources, and how we can unlock its fossil secrets. The book uses simple text and full-color photographs throughout. With supporting facts, technical vocabulary, vivid maps and charts, and a variety of writing styles and text structures, Scholastic Discover More Readers are tailored to the new era of high expectations. The unique informational text reading levels have been developed and vetted by Scholastic reading experts.
  • Rocks, Minerals and Gems

    John Farndon

    Paperback (Firefly Books, Sept. 13, 2016)
    This is a definitive full color guide for young readers. It includes an introduction to rocks, minerals and gems and how they form, how and where to look for them, how to identify rocks and minerals, and everything there is to know about building a collection. Packed with fun facts and practical activities, the book features high-definition color photography and data keys that show noteworthy qualities of each specimen in extraordinary detail. Rocks, Minerals and Gems shows how to read the landscape for clues and identify different rock types -- from dazzling diamonds to grainy sandstone. It describes fascinating facts and data boxes provide short facts to help with quick identification. Earth's most precious rocks, minerals and gems can be anywhere and everywhere in the world -- from riverbeds to beaches, cliff faces to fields. The only equipment needed is a backpack, a smartphone and some good walking shoes -- and maybe a small bag to carry home the treasure.
  • Rocks and Minerals

    T. D. Burns

    Paperback (Dover Publications, July 27, 1995)
    What do magnetite, bauxite, chromite, sulphur, quartz, and galena have in common? Each of these inorganic substances — as varied in color as they are in form and structure — is or contains an element needed to create an automobile. That intriguing bit of information, along with many other fascinating facts, can be found in this entertaining and enlightening coloring book.Hobbyists and collectors are invited to learn about rocks and minerals as they color 36 carefully rendered illustrations depicting: Tourmaline; Agatized coral; Pyrite; Aurichalcite; Smoky Quartz; Crazy Lace Agate; Amethyst geode; Beryl; Malachite; Emerald; Celestite; Amethyst; Aragonite; Garnet and 22 other examples.A fact-filled introduction offers helpful advice on collecting and identifying these beauties of nature while an extensive caption describes each specimen. All illustrations are reproduced in full color on the book's covers.
  • Rocks and Minerals

    Thomas Bell

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Nov. 9, 2013)
    If your child is struggling with science, then this book is for you; the short book covers the topic and also contains 5 science experiments to work with, and ten quiz questions. The book covers the following: What’s The Difference What Are Gemstones What Are Crystals Rocks Are A Natural Resource The Mohs Scale Cold, Hard, Fun Facts About Rocks, Minerals And Crystals Experiments With Rocks And Minerals This subject comes from the book “Fourth Grade Science (For Home School or Extra Practice)”; it more thoroughly covers more fifth grade topics to help your child get a better understanding of fifth grade math. If you purchased that book, or plan to purchase that book, do not purchase this, as the problems are the same.
  • Rocks and Minerals

    Illa Podendorf

    Paperback (Childrens Pr, June 1, 1982)
    Tells the difference between igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks, looks at the different kinds of minerals found in rocks, and explains how fossils tell us about the earth's past
  • Rocks and Minerals

    Torrey Maloof

    eBook (Teacher Created Materials, Nov. 15, 2014)
    Learn all about rocks and minerals and how we study them. Almost all rocks are made of minerals. Learn about the three different types of rocks: igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, and metamorphic rocks. A rock can even transform over millions of years from one type of rock to another during the rock cycle. Easy-to-read text paired with vibrant images keep students engaged from cover to cover. This reader also includes instructions for an engaging science activity where students can see how crystals form. A helpful glossary and index are also included for additional support.
  • Rocks and Minerals

    Simon Basher, Dan Green

    Hardcover (Kingfisher, Dec. 7, 2010)
    Simon Basher is back with another zany primer to science! Following his 3 successful titles on the basics of chemistry, physics, and biology, ROCKS AND MINERALS is an in-depth look at the ground beneath our feet. Like his other titles, Basher presents these topics through charming and adorable illustrations and pairs them with basic information told from a first person perspective. He develops a community of characters based on the things that form the foundations of our planet: rocks, gems, crystals, fossils and more. And what's more, he makes it understandable, interesting, and cute. It's not what you expect out of a science primer. Book Details:Format: HardcoverPublication Date: 12/7/2010Pages: 128Reading Level: Age 10 and Up