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  • Play Time

    Anthony Lewis

    Board book (Childs Play Intl Ltd, Sept. 1, 2006)
    Introduces American Sign Language with forty signs involving play described in text and demonstrated in pictures, including the signs for share, take turns, laugh, and sing.
  • Play Time

    Julia Donaldson

    Paperback (Pan Macmillan, March 1, 2013)
    Play Time includes 11 fun-to-act short plays for all children to enjoy, especially those in primary school (Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2). Each play comes complete with helpful guidance on target age, running time and cast. Ranging from adaptations of traditional tales (e.g., the legend of Persephone and The Three Billy Goats Gruff) to original and contemporary short plays, Julia Donaldson has produced an entertaining, simple, satisfying collection.
  • Time to Play

    Lake Press Ltd.

    Board book (B.E.S. Publishing, Feb. 1, 2016)
    Here are the things that make the days fun, including toy cars and tea parties, sand castles and stuffed animals. This adorable board book comes along with a perfectly shaped hole in the corner of the book so baby can grab and hold it. From bouncing balls to choo choo trains, it's a fun way to introduce little ones to incredible sights and sounds--and the wonderful world around them. Fun photographs and cute illustrations keep young children intrigued, amused, and coming back for more.
  • Play Time

    Anthony Lewis

    Board book (Child's Play International, July 1, 2005)
    These signing guides introduce signs for a variety of everyday activities, from getting up in the morning to going to the park. Make signing a natural part of your everyday communication.
  • Play Time

    Linda Ward Beech, Maxie Chambliss, Norma Ortiz

    Paperback (Scholastic Inc., March 15, 2003)
    Small "Sight Word Reader" focusing on words, play and with.
  • Play Time!

    Julia Donaldson

    Paperback (Macmillan Children's Books, Aug. 4, 2006)
    From the best-selling and much-loved author of THE GRUFFALO and other classic picture books, eleven fun-to-act short plays for primary-aged children (Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2) complete with helpful, simple guidance on target age, running time and cast! Ranging from adaptations of traditional tales (eg, the legend of Persephone and Three Billy Goats Gruff) to original and contemporary short plays, Julia Donaldson has produced an entertaining, simple, satisfying play collection.
  • Play Time, Puppy!

    Annie Kubler

    Board book (Child's Play International, Sept. 1, 2010)
    Puppy wants to play, and is ready for a chat! There's a ready-made rhyming conversation in the book, and you can make up your own as well! Talking with your baby fosters the early development of basic language and communication skills, and promotes emotional closeness and wellbeing.
  • Time to Play

    Siobhan Ciminera, Keith Faulkner

    Paperback (Grosset & Dunlap, Sept. 21, 2006)
    Puppy Scooby-Doo is having a great time playing with his new ball in the park. The other animals want to play, too, but he’s happier playing by himself. But each time Puppy Scooby-Doo’s ball gets away from him, he needs help getting it back. Find out how the other animals come to the rescue.
  • Play Time


    Hardcover (Annick Press, Sept. 12, 2017)
    In Play Time, each page features a full-color photo of a familiar animal followed by a two-word text that includes the animal’s name and a verb to describe what the animal is doing, e.g. Cat pouncing/ Dolphins somersaulting. At the end of the book, a young children are shown playing. The rhythmic cadence of the text, the rich vocabulary, and the vivid photos are ideal for sharing with a toddler.
  • Pocoyo Time to Play!

    Red Fox

    Board book (Red Fox, June 1, 2009)
    Pocoyo—Spanish for "little me"—is a curious, fun-loving, friendly little boy who's always into something new. Whether he's on a quest with his friends in outer space or just cleaning up his building blocks, every day is an adventure. Join Pocoyo and friends as they learn through laughter! There’s so much for toddlers and Pocoyo to do in this vibrant book. Touch the different textures, make the pictures move, look under the flaps, peek through the shaped windows, and smile at the mirror! This lively novelty book is perfect for encouraging learning through play.
  • Playtime?

    Jeff Mack

    Hardcover (Philomel Books, May 10, 2016)
    This funny picture book ode to the struggles of bedtime is perfect for fans of Mo Willems's Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late! Bedtime can be a challenge for the best of us. But when you're a fun-loving, overactive pet gorilla, bedtime is downright hard. Who would want to go to sleep when Playtime is so much more fun? But the gorilla's responsible friend thinks enough is enough; no more fun and games. It's not Playtime--It's Bedtime! So the boy turns off the lights and the gorilla goes . . .Well, definitely NOT to sleep! Using only two words--Playtime and Bedtime--and an abundance of clever, giggle-inducing artwork, Playtime! is simple yet richly creative and bursting with childlike humor. Your own little gorilla will find it irresistible.Praise for Playtime?* "Young readers will enjoy watching a child take on the role of a parent, and sharing this book will be a delight for all. Multiple readings are sure to be demanded before bedtime finally comes."--Booklist, starred review"The gorilla’s naughty, sneaky smile is a thing of beauty. Just try saving this book for evening! Both younger and older readers will be looking and laughing throughout the day."--School Library Journal "A pleasant and action-filled going-to-sleep book, this selection may prove the perfect antidote for a sleepless night. A simple, fun-filled goodnight book."--Kirkus Reviews
  • Playtime

    Duck Egg Blue, Angie Hicks

    Board book (Award Publications Ltd, )