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    Alfred C. Martino, Mark Shanahan

    Preloaded Digital Audio Player (Listen & Live Audio, March 1, 2007)
    Dealing with family problems, girls, and their own competitive natures, high school seniors Ivan Korske and Bobby Zane face each other in the final match of the New Jersey State Wrestling Championship.
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    Sharon G Flake

    Library Binding (Perfection Learning, June 24, 2014)
    Award-winning author, Sharon G. Flake, presents a powerful novel about a teen boy and girl, each tackling disabilities. Autumn and Adonis have nothing in common and everything in common. Autumn is outgoing and has lots of friends. Adonis is shy and not so eager to connect with people. But even with their differences, the two have one thing in common--they're each dealing with a handicap. For Autumn, who has a learning disability, reading is a painful struggle that makes it hard to focus in class. But as her school's most aggressive team wrestler, Autumn can take down any problem. Adonis is confined to a wheelchair. He has no legs. He can't walk or dance. But he's a strong reader who loves books. Even so, Adonis has a secret he knows someone like Autumn can heal. In time, Autumn and Adonis are forced to see that our greatest weaknesses can turn into the assets that forever change us and those we love. Told in alternating voices, Takedown explores issues of self-discovery, friendship, and what it means to be different.
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    Alfred C. Martino

    Preloaded Digital Audio Player (Findaway World Llc, March 1, 2007)
    Ivan Korske and Bobby Zane couldn't be more different—they come from different backgrounds, they have different lifestyles, and they each have very different ways of looking at the world. Yet both of these high school seniors have the drive, determination, and willingness to sacrifice whatever it takes to become a champion. In the end, however, only one will raise his arm in victory and have the New Jersey State Wrestling Championship gold medal placed around his neck. Who will it be? Pinned is an intense story of courage, dedication, and commitment that will leave you breathless.
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    Sharon Flake

    Paperback (Scholastic Press, June 24, 2014)