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Books with title Otter Goes to School

  • Timmy Goes to School

    Ashley Guise

    Paperback (Covenant Books, Sept. 10, 2019)
    Getting ready to start school for the very first time is such an exciting time for children everywhere. The new friends they will meet, the teachers they will have, and, of course, getting to ride the big yellow school bus! Timmy will soon be able to be a part of all the fun, and he can't wait!
  • Lucky Goes to School

    Gail Herman, Norman Gorbaty

    eBook (Penguin Young Readers, July 9, 2001)
    When Lucky's owner goes to school, where will Lucky go? Who will he meet? Find out in this fun-filled Level 2 reader.
  • Monster Goes to School

    Virginia Mueller, Lynn Munsinger

    Paperback (Albert Whitman & Co, March 1, 1997)
    At school Monster learns about time, drawing a clock with pictures that represent his day
  • Mylo Goes to School

    Jeff Bernat, Mike Ferrin

    eBook (Lanier Press, March 13, 2017)
    My name is Mylo. I am five years old, and tomorrow I start kindergarten. Some people say I complain a lot, but… I’m not complaining, just explaining!Mylo is a little boy who complains a little too much. He doesn’t mean to—it’s just his personality! After all, it’s the first day of school, and already he can’t find his favorite red shirt, and Mom didn’t have time to make his favorite breakfast! Through his everyday experiences, Mylo teaches us that while there are plenty of things to complain about, it could all be a lot worse . . . and knowing this leads us all to develop good habits.
  • I.Q. Goes to School

    Mary Ann Fraser

    Paperback (Walker Childrens, Aug. 1, 2004)
    I.Q. comes to Mrs. Furber’s class on the first day of school. He loves being in class with the children. But who wants to be the class pet when being a student can be so much fun? Each week Mrs. Furber chooses a Student of the Week. More than anything, I.Q. wants to be picked. When will it be his turn?
  • Annie Goes to School

    Sandra Hawkins-Tolson

    language (, Dec. 6, 2018)
    This is Annie's first day of school. She is very excited and is looking forward to the new experience. She invites the reader to come along with her as she rides the bus to school, meets her teacher and makes new friends. Annie also encourages the reader to join her on her first day. They both discover and learn new words. She finds that school is both fun and filled with wonderful new experiences!
  • Who Goes to School?

    Margaret Hillert, Viki Woodworth

    Paperback (Norwood House Pr, July 15, 2016)
    "Authorized adapted reprint from the U.S. English language edition" -- Title page verso.
  • Snuffy Goes to School

    Porchlight Entertainment

    Hardcover (Tommy Nelson, May 16, 2002)
    Book by Porchlight Entertainment
  • Peter Goes to School

    Wanda Rogers House

    Hardcover (Price Stern Sloan, Inc, )
  • Tina Goes to School

    Beverly Collins

    language (Archway Publishing, March 30, 2017)
    Once upon a time in a forest lived a five-year-old fairy named Tina Tortellini. She enjoys roaming the woods with her forest friends, and she looks forward to growing up and getting her wings so she can do all the things grown-up fairies can.Fairies need to learn just as humans do, so Tina must go to school. Shes excited to make new friends and do fun things in fairy kindergarten. But on the first day, the children make fun of her name. She is sad and her feelings are hurt. In Tina Goes to School, a picture book for children, Tinas mom and teacher help Tina and the other children learn the importance of being kind to each other.
  • Catie Goes to School

    Charles Ray

    eBook (Uhuru Press, Feb. 20, 2017)
    Join Catie at home on her first day of nursery school, and follow her through the day. A first reader for your child that also teaches good habits.
  • Lulu Goes To School

    Delali Avemega, Juliet Buntuguh

    language (Fish and Plankton, Oct. 25, 2016)
    Little Lulu lives with her granny Ola who can't afford to get her into school. However Lulu is determined to go to school so she comes with this excellent plan that gets her to school like the other kids.