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  • Only in Dreams

    Paul Frank Industries

    Board book (Chronicle Books, Feb. 23, 2011)
    This delightful story features Paul Frank's popular character Julius as he takes readers on a tour through the world of dreams. Julius loves to sleep because of all the fun things he can only do in dreams, from paddling down a strawberry milk river to performing in a rock concert on the moon. Children and parents alike will cherish this perfect-for-bedtime board book.
  • One Dream Only

    Elodie Nowodazkij

    eBook (, Oct. 14, 2014)
    She thought she was on her way to the top...Sixteen-year-old Natalya Pushkaya has one dream and one dream only: becoming the best ballerina ever. Dancing's always been who she is and she's working her hardest to land the main role of the School of Performing Arts' end-of-the-year showcase. But...will she make it?Within a week, Natalya's life will be changed forever. Prequel novelette of One, Two, Three
  • Only In Your Dreams

    C. von Ziegesar

    Paperback (Bloomsbury, Aug. 16, 2008)
    Welcome to New York City's Upper East Side, where Gossip Girl and her friends are the biggest stars ...whether or not the cameras are rolling. Lights, camera, scandal! Hollywood is invading New York and Serena is set for her big screen debut. She's already having an off-screen romance with her onscreen lover, Thaddeus. What will that mean for Hamptons-bound Nate? And if Nate is free, what about Blair? Sure, she's off to London to spend time with her royal boytoy, but Nate will always be Prince Charming in her eyes...
  • Only in Dreams

    Paul Frank Industries

    Hardcover (Chronicle Books, March 26, 2008)
    When I sleep, I dream. And when I dream, I can do anything I can imagine! This delightful bedtime story features Paul Frank's popular character Julius as he takes readers on a tour through the world of dreams. Julius loves to sleep because there are things he can do only in dreams, from paddling down a strawberry-milk river to performing in a rock concert on the moon!
  • Only in Dreams

    Emmett A. Davis, Jackie Urbanovic

    Library Binding (Heinemann/Raintree, Sept. 1, 1983)
    A little man tells his pet bird about his wonderful dream in which a cycling cyclops, a juggling genie, and a dancing dragon appeared.
  • Only in Dreams

    Frances Fitz

    language (, July 28, 2013)
    Twenty-year-old Casey Tannenbaum wants nothing more than to get the hell away from her disaster of a life and all of the idiotic mistakes she's made.It's only now that she realizes she probably shouldn't have fallen for Evan, the hard-partying deadbeat with a penchant for cheating, or let him talk her into sleeping with him when she knew he wasn't looking for more. But she did. And after making one rash decision that can forever change her life, she decides she doesn't want to deal with anything anymore.So she does the next best thing--she runs away.Casey disappears from her Pennsylvania college campus to Heidelberg--a quaint, fairytale city in Germany to study abroad. She does everything in her power to keep her mind off of her previous life: develops a crush on her new best friend, takes advantage of her newly-acquired ability to drink legally, and avoids interacting with any former friends. And it works. For a short time, that is.But when she is faced with the realization that she can't hide from the consequences of her decision any longer, Casey's entire world dissolves into a tornado of emotions, and she's left with nothing but her haunting nightmares, a few tattered pictures, and the weight of her biggest regret--the one that might drown her if she doesn't find a way to forgive herself.
  • Only in Dreams

    Emmett Davis

    Paperback (Raintree Steck-Vaughn Publishers, May 15, 1995)
    Book by Davis, Emmett
  • Only In Your Dreams

    Cecily von Ziegesar

    Paperback (Poppy, May 10, 2006)
    Welcome to New York City's Upper East Side, where the girls are dazzling, the guys are gorgeous, and the summer heat is the perfect excuse to throw a fabulous roof-deck pool party. As if we need a reason! It's our last summer together before heading off to college, and things are sizzling - no, it's not just the weather. Despite that steamy kiss on graduation night, Blair, Serena, and Nate have gone their separate ways...though not for long. Blair is off to London with her English Lord boyfriend, Serena's about to become a movie star - as if she wasn't a star already! - and Nate's rolling up his well-worn khakis and heading to the Hamptons. Back in New York, Dan and Vanessa are rekindling their love. Fiery! Watch out, this summer is going to be hotter than ever.
  • On Dreams

    Sigmund Freud, M. D. Eder

    eBook (Dover Publications, March 2, 2012)
    Among the first of Sigmund Freud's many contributions to psychology and psychoanalysis was The Interpretation of Dreams, published in 1900, and considered his greatest work — even by Freud himself. Aware, however, that it was a long and difficult book, he resolved to compile a more concise and accessible version of his ideas on the interpretation of dreams. That shorter work is reprinted here. Since its publication, generations of readers and students have turned to this volume for an authoritative and coherent account of Freud's theory of dreams as distorted wish fulfillment.After contrasting the scientific and popular views of dreams, Freud illustrates the ways in which dreams can be shown to have been influenced by the activities or thoughts of the preceding day. He considers the effect on dreams of such mental mechanisms as condensation, dramatization, displacement, and regard for intelligibility. In addition, the author offers perceptive insights into repression, the three classes of dreams, and censorship within the dream.Students and psychologists will welcome this inexpensive edition of an always-relevant work by the father of modern psychoanalysis. This volume will also appeal to anyone interested in dreams of the workings of the unconscious mind.
  • Only in Dreams

    Paul Frank Industries (COR) Paul Frank,Frank Industries Paul

    Hardcover (Chronicle Books Llc, Aug. 16, 2011)
    Rare Book
  • On Dreams

    Sigmund Freud

    eBook (White Press, Nov. 11, 2014)
    This early work by Sigmund Freud was originally published in 1901 and we are now republishing it with a brand new introductory biography. 'On Dreams' is a psychological work on the causes and function of dreaming. Sigismund Schlomo Freud was born on 6th May 1856, in the Moravian town of PrĂ­bor, now part of the Czech Republic. He studied a variety of subjects, including philosophy, physiology, and zoology, graduating with an MD in 1881. Freud made a huge and lasting contribution to the field of psychology with many of his methods still being used in modern psychoanalysis. He inspired much discussion on the wealth of theories he produced and the reactions to his works began a century of great psychological investigation.
  • In Dreams

    Erica Orloff

    eBook (Speak, Jan. 9, 2014)
    Inception meets Unearthly in this hot romance for fans of Meg Cabot’s Abandon Series!In the land of nightmares, she finds the man of her dreams...He haunts her in her dreams. She is always searching, looking for the man who calls her from afar, a disembodied voice who knows everything about her. But when she discovers the unimaginable secret her family has hidden for so long, her dreams—and her nightmares—invade her reality.Her true love beckons, but the terrors await her. . . . Can she find him in time, or will their love—and her life—be destroyed?Sixteen-year-old Iris has a recurring dream a long corridor of many doors, and behind each door a hidden world—some magical, some terrifying. But always she is searching for the man who calls to her—the man of her dreams—who knows everything about her, who stirs feelings in her she’s never felt before. When she discovers her father is actually the god of dreams, her nightmares and dreams follow her into reality, with both frightening and romantic results. Hunted by the god of nightmares, stalked by the horrifying creatures of the underworld, Iris must try to navigate both her worlds, as she tries to finally be with Sebastian, the man of her dreams. Can she triumph over the dangers that have haunted her forever, and be with Sebastian, or will terrors ultimately destroy them both?