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Books with title New Adventures of Stuart Little

  • Stuart Little 2: The New Adventures of Stuart Little

    Laura Hunt

    Paperback (HarperFestival, June 4, 2002)
    When a sweet, lonely bird named Margalo falls into Stuart's life, he invites her into his home, but Margalo isn't as nice as she seems and Stuart must show her how important being nice can be. Original.
  • Adventures of Little Bear

    Else Holmelund Minarik, Maurice Sendak

    Hardcover (Barnes & Noble Books, June 25, 2005)
    Wanted: One Little Bear for hours of cozy reading This volume contains the complete text and illustrations of three books: Little Bear, Father Bear Comes Home, and A Kiss for Little Bear. "Little Bear has endeared himself as a character with irresistible, childlike charm" (The Horn Book).
  • The Adventures of Stuart Little

    Daphne Skinner

    Paperback (HarperCollins, Oct. 20, 1999)
    This adaptation from the film is perfect for newly independent readers. Stuart's a little mouse with big problems, including mean cats, a car chase, and a new brother who doesn't want to accept him. Will he ever find a place he can truly call home?
  • The Adventures of Little Silk

    Susan Perrow

    eBook (Susan Perrow, May 29, 2016)
    A scrap of yellow silk is brushed off the cutting table in the fabric factory and as she flutters to the floor, she feels the air beneath her silken wings and knows she is born to fly! What follows is a magical nature tale of rescue, friendship and adventure. On her journey, Little Silk meets a variety of characters like the Patchwork Lady, Wind Dancer, Flapping Bat and the King of the Fireflies. In the second half of the book Little Silk befriends a golden butterfly and a boy called Sam. Sam introduces her to his silkworms and helps her understand more about her origins. In return Little Silk and Wind Dancer surprise Sam with a special birthday gift.This book is ideal fantasy reading for 5 – 8 year old children, with healthy elements of nature-care and recycling woven through the 18 chapters.
  • New Adventures of Stuart Little

    Laura Hunt

    School & Library Binding (Topeka Bindery, June 15, 2002)
  • Adventures of Little Bear

    Else Holmelund Minarik, Maurice Sendak

    Hardcover (Barnes & Noble, March 15, 1985)
    Collection of three stories from the Little Bear series: Little Bear, Father Bear Comes Home, and A Kiss for Little Bear. An I Can Read Book. This is the Barnes & Noble Edition.
  • The New Adventures of Little Tilly

    A.D. Sayer

    language (, July 6, 2017)
    Tilly is a rescue dog. She was taken to a dogs home, but all she wants is to be reunited with her human family. When she realizes that they will never come back, she begins her search for a new human family who will love her, in the way she so desperately wants.
  • Adventures of Little Sy

    S. Reed Biggs

    language (S. Reed Biggs, Dec. 30, 2013)
    Children's Picturebook. Adventures of Little Sy, a little boy who likes to play, create, imagine and build things. He has fun playing with his friends and learning something with each story. In this edition he and his friend play with cars. They learn positive values. Little Sy learns the value of sharing and treating friends well, which comes about while they play with toy cars. Cleaning up after playtime is also part of the story. This book is a good easy reader. Level 1. Read by themselves. Beautifully illustrated kids book with cars and valuable life lesson (Picture Books and Bedtime Stories for Children 4-8)
  • The Adventures of Little Seed

    Susan Downie, Linda Williamson

    eBook (Susan Downie and Linda Williamson, )
  • Stuart Little 2: Stuart Little's Big Adventure

    Julia Richardson

    Paperback (HarperFestival, June 4, 2002)
    These fantastic storybooks are illustrated with colour photo stills from the film! Stuart Little's Big Adventure Stuart Little is having a big adventure! Whether he is rescuing a new friend, trying out for the soccer team, or flying an airplane, Stuart proves that a little mouse can go a long way. This storybook follows Stuart's quest to save Margalo and Mrs. Little's engagement ring. Ages 3–7
  • Adventures of Little Proto

    Odds Bodkin

    Audio CD (Rivertree Productions, Dec. 12, 2003)
    In this story, it is 67 million years ago. Little Proto is on his first of many adventures, to Magnolia Island, where an old Triceratops lives. This story has four original songs, exciting dinosaur sound effects and is performed on a 12-string guitar. It is aimed at children from the age of five to seven.
  • The Adventures of Stuart Little

    Daphne Skinner, Gregory J. Brooker

    Library Binding (Econo-Clad Books, Nov. 15, 1999)