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Books with title Native American Sports and Games

  • Native American Games and Stories

    Joseph Bruchac, James Bruchac

    Paperback (Fulcrum Publishing, Sept. 1, 2000)
    Provides young readers with Native American stories and games that both educate and entertain.
  • Native American Sports & Games

    Rob Staeger

    language (Mason Crest, Sept. 29, 2014)
    Native Americans loved to play games. From the United States to Mexico to Canada, tribes everywhere played games as part of their rituals, to cure diseases, to make crops grow, or sometimes, just for the pure fun of the sport. This book discusses the types of games played by various tribes in specific regions. It also explains how these games were played, and the significance-religious and social-of each contest.
  • Native American Sports and Games

    Rob Staeger

    Library Binding (Mason Crest, Feb. 1, 2003)
    Describes some of the sports and games played by various Native American cultures.
  • Native American Sports and Games

    Rob Staeger, Troy Johnson

    Library Binding (Mason Crest, Sept. 1, 2013)
    Discusses the types of games played by Native American tribes, and explains the religious and social significance of the contests.
  • Native American Games and Stories

    James Bruchac

    Paperback (ReadHowYouWant, Jan. 21, 2013)
    Native American GAMES and Stories Now you can learn to play authentic Native American games! An important credo of Native American life states that you can learn while you play and play while you learn. Readers will be able to pore over intriguing stories, immerse themselves in Native American understandings, and get to play these fun-filled games as they learn how global thought and beliefs can transcend into their own lives. Sample themes, stories, and games: Ball Games and Team Sports; ''The Ball Players in the Sky'' (Passamaquoddy); Stickball Bowl Games and Other Games of Chance; ''Gluskabe Brings the Summer'' (Abenaki).