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Books with title National Geographic Readers: Mars

  • National Geographic Kids Readers: Bugs

    Shira Evans

    Paperback (National Geographic Children's Books, May 15, 2018)
    Young readers learn all about insects in this new Pre-reader from National Geographic Kids.Through text features such as a vocabulary tree and wrap-up activity, kids will be introduced to vocabulary in concept groups, helping them make connections between words and expand their understanding of the world. Along with brilliant photos and a fun approach to reading, National Geographic Readers are a winning formula with kids, parents, and educators.
  • National Geographic Readers: Red Pandas

    Laura Marsh

    Paperback (National Geographic Children's Books, July 14, 2015)
    Find out about the shy and rarely seen red panda! This level 1 reader documents the lives of red pandas in their environment. The carefully constructed text and beautiful photographs guarantee a successful and rewarding reading experience for any reader, especially those who love wild animals.
  • National Geographic Readers: Anne Frank

    Alexandra Zapruder

    eBook (National Geographic Children's Books, Aug. 6, 2013)
    Anne Frank is one of the first of many National Geographic Readers that highlight important historical figures. This level-3 reader brings an understanding of her historical significance to a whole new audience. Young readers will learn about the brave and tragic life of the young girl whose diary kept while in hiding from Nazis is one of the most important and insightful books of the World War II era. National Geographic Readers: Anne Frank explores not just the diary, but her life and the important role she played in 20th-century history.
  • National Geographic Readers: Elephants

    Avery Hurt

    Paperback (National Geographic Children's Books, Sept. 13, 2016)
    Stomp around the African savanna, run around the forests of India, take a mud bath, and more as you learn all about elephants! Adult and child readers can learn together in this new Level 1 co-reader from National Geographic Kids, full of engaging photos and fun facts.
  • National Geographic Readers: Bears

    National Geographic Kids

    eBook (National Geographic Children's Books, July 12, 2016)
    Get ready for a walk on the wild side in this image-packed book all about bears! Kids will learn about different kinds of bears, where they live, and what they do. This level 3 reader is written in an easy-to-grasp style to encourage the animal lovers of today and scientists of tomorrow!
  • National Geographic Readers: Trucks

    Wil Mara

    Paperback (National Geographic Children's Books, Sept. 8, 2009)
    Who can resist trucks? They’re loud. They’re complicated. They have wheels twice as tall as your dad. Trucks! has many cool images of the trucks we know and love. There are also curiosities like the $3 million mining truck that’s "like driving a house." This level 1 text is revved up with sound words and images to steer young readers on the road to reading success.National Geographic supports K-12 educators with ELA Common Core Resources.Visit for more information.
  • National Geographic Readers: Volcanoes

    Anne Schreiber

    eBook (National Geographic Children's Books, July 5, 2011)
    The cool story of volcanoes will intrigue kids and adults alike. Hot melted rock from the middle of our planet forces its way up through cracks in the Earth’s crusts, exploding violently and sometimes unexpectedly in volcanic fury that can terrorize populations for months, even years. Anne Schreiber’s narrative gives readers a little of the science, a little of the history, and a lot of the action. National Geographic photography fires the imagination on dramatic spreads alive with vivid images of lava, ash, molten rock, weird rocks, and steaming seawater.
  • National Geographic Readers: Meerkats

    Laura Marsh

    Paperback (National Geographic Children's Books, July 9, 2013)
    Welcome to the wacky world of meerkats, where groups of these furry friends team up to survive in the wild. Each meerkat has a job: babysitting the kids, guarding the troops, or foraging for food. Kids will be mesmerized by wonderful photographs and inviting text. This level 1 reader is written in easy-to-grasp text that will help kids learn about these cute critters and the power of teamwork!
  • National Geographic Readers: Bees

    Laura Marsh

    Paperback (National Geographic Children's Books, Jan. 12, 2016)
    What's that buzzing around? It's a busy bee! With beautiful, engaging, and authentic photos, and accessible text, kids will learn all about these incredible insects in this level 2 reader.
  • National Geographic Readers: Sharks

    Anne Schreiber

    eBook (National Geographic Children's Books, July 5, 2011)
    He’s quick. He’s silent. He has five rows of deadly teeth. Chomp! Meet the shark—the fish who ruled the deep before dinosaurs roamed the Earth! This fish has soft cartilage so he can glide, twist, and turn before his prey can say "gulp!" He can smell a single drop of blood in 25 million drops of ocean. He can feel electricity given off by his prey. He will lose and replace more than 10,000 teeth in his lifetime. Cool photos bring kids into the shark’s world. Fun facts go deep into the shark’s scary science.
  • National Geographic Readers: Manatees

    Laura Marsh

    Paperback (National Geographic Children's Books, April 8, 2014)
    In this level 2 reader, young readers will explore the underwater world of lovable manatees. Follow these gentle giants, sometimes called "sea cows," through their marshy habitats, learn how manatees raise their young, and discover the threats to their environment. Beautiful photos and carefully leveled text make this book perfect for reading aloud or for independent reading.National Geographic supports K-12 educators with ELA Common Core Resources.Visit for more information.
  • National Geographic Readers: Animal Architects

    Libby Romero

    Paperback (National Geographic Children's Books, Jan. 15, 2019)
    Independent readers will learn all about nature's most amazing builders in this new leveled reader from National Geographic Kids.Ever wondered why beavers build dams? Or how spiders weave their intricate webs? In this reader, you'll meet brilliant birds, inventive insects, and amazing mammals that all share a special skill. Packed with beautiful and engaging photos, this leveled reader introduces kids to the most extreme engineers of the animal kingdom.National Geographic Readers' expert-vetted text, along with brilliant images and a fun approach to reading, has proved to be a winning formula with kids, parents, and educators. Level 2 text provides accessible, yet wide-ranging, information for kids ready to read on their own, perfect to encourage the engineers and explorers of tomorrow!