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Books with title My Very First Book of Food

  • My Very First Book of Growth

    Eric Carle

    Paperback (Carousel, April 1, 1986)
    Half-page flaps enable the reader to mix and match animals and their homes.
  • My First Book of Vehicles

    Johnny Li

    Paperback (Johnny Li, July 30, 2018)
    This book is perfect for toddlers to learn about vehicle names. Each vehicle is represented by a simple label and a beautiful photograph. My First Book of Vehicles is filled with all sorts of moving machines, from a zooming car to a thundering rocket.
  • My Very First Book of Numbers

    Eric Carle

    Hardcover (Crowell, May 1, 1985)
  • My Very First Book of Numbers

    Eric Carle

    Board book (Philomel, Jan. 19, 2006)
    Can you tell how many cherries there are? How many apples? In the brilliantly colorful My Very First Book of Numbers, children can find the number of fruits in the bottom half of a page that matches the number of boxes and numerals in the top half. In My Very First Book of Words, children can match the picture in the bottom half with the word in the top half. Which one is the car? Which one is the fish? Only you can match them. Children will love solving the puzzles of these clever, vibrant books.
  • My Very First Book of Manners

    Michal Sparks

    Hardcover (Harvest House Publishers, Jan. 1, 2000)
    Rare Book
  • My Very First Book of Heads & Tales

    Eric Carle

    Spiral-bound (HarperCollins, Oct. 15, 1986)
    Colorful mix-and-match pages introduce young children to the heads and tails of many favorite animals and how they are used in the wild
  • My First Book of ABC


    Paperback (Sura Books, )
  • My Very First: Number Book -

    Angela Wilkes

    Hardcover (DK Preschool, July 1, 2002)
    Introduces the numbers from one to twenty and explores concepts, such as matching, sorting, and adding.
  • My First Book of

    Margaret Tarrant

    Hardcover (Ideals Childrens Books, Sept. 1, 1991)
    Tarrant, Margaret
  • My First Book of Fairy Verse

    Shirley Barber

    Hardcover (The Five Mile Press, June 1, 2007)
  • My Very First Book of Shapes

    Eric Carle

    Unknown Binding (SCHOLASTIC INC. @, March 15, 1974)
  • My Very First Book of Colors

    Eric Carle

    Hardcover (HarperCollins Children's Books, )
    Softcover, yellow stiff covers, wire spiral binding, cardstock pages. Each page is divided horizontally, with colors on the top, objects on the bottom, for the child to match. 20 pages illustrated one side only.