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  • Princess

    Courtney Cole

    language (Lakehouse Press, May 17, 2011)
    Money can’t buy happiness… even in a world that begins with a Tiffany teething ring. Sydney Ross has it made. As the 17-year old daughter of Illinois senator Randall Ross and socialite Jillian Ross, Sydney was born with perfect teeth and a killer trust-fund. Everything about her life is idyllic…the life of a princess. The Ross’ are richer than God and twice as beautiful, the picture-perfect All-American Family. Except that it is all a lie. After a positive pregnancy test, Sydney’s life unravels in the space of just one breath. Life as she knows it is over and survival itself begins to look questionable as life and death literally hang in the balance with each sordid twist that she is dealt. After the shocking climax, Sydney is brought to her knees with one seething question: Who in the world can she trust when no one is who they seem to be?Caution: This book is not set in a Mayberry kind of world nor is it a simple book about teen pregnancy. Princess is somewhat twisted and edgy. You might need to fan yourself during some parts and a box of tissues during others. It contains love, suspense, heartache and loss. Oh- and some adult themes and language, too. About the author: Courtney Cole is a novelist who lives near Lake Michigan with her family (aka Zoo), pet iPad and favorite cashmere socks. Princess is her first venture into the contemporary fiction genre. She usually hangs out in paranormal worlds, as evidenced by her Bloodstone and Moonstone Sagas.
  • My Princess Bag

    Roberta Pagnoni, Laura Rigo

    Board book (Perseus Distribution, June 1, 2016)
    Little princesses will smile with joy when they open this board book "bag" that fits perfectly into their hands. In this enchanting story, a little girl can't wait to go to a dress up party…and get decked out in her best royal finery! There's a tiara to wear upon her head, a lovely fan to cool her off, perfume to make her smell pretty, fancy dancing shoes for her feet, and a mirror to look into! This beautifully illustrated book is one that will be carried everywhere your little princess goes. Perfect for bedtime, naptime, playtime, or "anytime" reading.
  • Princess

    Ellen Miles

    Paperback (Scholastic Inc, July 6, 2008)
    Rare Book
  • My Princess Craft Book

    Sue Hunter-Jones, Katie Saunders, Andy Everitt-Stewart

    Hardcover (Parragon Publishing, Aug. 1, 1999)
    Transform everyday objects into a glittering princess world! Follow the simple, clear, step-by-step pictures to create over 20 fabulous princess crafts, each graded to show how easy they are. With over 250 gold stickers and 18 card templates, this book shows you everything you need to make your own magical princess world.

    RH Disney

    Paperback (Golden/Disney, Dec. 27, 2011)
    The Disney princesses are celebrating Valentine's Day! This lovely full-color activity book features Rapunzel, Ariel, Cinderella, Tiana, and all the most popular Disney princesses. Young girls will love making princess Valentines for their friends, solving puzzles, and sharing more than 50 princess stickers!
  • My Prince, My Boy

    John Darr

    (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, April 1, 2012)
    My Prince, My Boy is an urban fairytale of self-discovery and friendship. Tyrone Garrett wanted his life to change. When he meets Jamal, a Forest Elf with a spotty memory, Tyrone's life changes in ways he never would have imagined.
  • Princess

    Belinda Ray

    language (Alloy Entertainment, Nov. 21, 2016)
    Jasmine Porter moved away two years ago, but now she’s back. And her first day at Elizabeth Cady Stanton Middle School couldn’t be off to a worse start. When Jasmine shows up wearing one of the wild outfits she designed and made, her one-time enemy, Ashley Dutton, singles her out again. Soon, Jasmine finds herself trying to dress just like everyone else—but no matter what she does, Ashley finds a way to make fun of her. Will Jasmine ever find a way to stand up for herself?Things get even stickier when the school talent competition is announced and Jasmine’s friends sign her up to put together a fashion show!Jasmine decides she’s best off avoiding Ashley, quitting the competition, and just blending in with the crowd. Things look bad, until a button in the shape of a fairy princess comes to life! Will a two-inch-tall, princess-impersonating auto mechanic named Ruby be able to help Jasmine show the school who she really is?
  • Princess

    Gregory Cholmondeley

    eBook (, Jan. 15, 2018)
    A castle is destroyed in 597 AD and forty survivors flee to an isolated village in the forest of southwest Wessex. They hide under threat of death for seven years until a girl, affectionately nicknamed Princess, rescues a boy left to die on the side of a road and their lives change forever.Princess has spent seven of her thirteen years hiding as a refugee with a small group of her family and friends. Rescuing the boy, Cynegils, and hearing his stories about the world outside has ignited her desire to experience it. But her village has a secret that will destroy them all if it is ever discovered.The two fall in love as Cynegils is nursed back to health through the spring. By the time he is strong enough for the dangerous journey home, Princess has learned an even darker secret about her family and faces an ultimate decision: Should she leave to see the world and marry the first boy she’s ever loved? Princess will never see her family or home again if she leaves and will always carry the burden of a secret she can never tell anyone – even Cynegils. But she loses her only chance for love if she stays.Life is tough enough when you’re thirteen. Making a decision like this while facing starvation, marauding wolf packs, and hiding from an active death threat makes coming of age seem almost impossible.#princessofwessex
  • My Brown Princess

    Domonique Floyd

    Paperback (ASA Publishing Corporation, June 20, 2019)
    What inspired me to write this children's book with the title "My Brown Princess" is looking at my daughter. As she grows up to be a Queen I want her to know that she can be anything she wants to be through the grace of God, hard work, and believing in herself. I want to inspire young kids and let them know that their skin is beautiful in an out.
  • Princess

    Giovanni Caviezel, C. Mesturini

    Board book (B.E.S., March 1, 2009)
    Titles in the Mini People series are miniature, scaled-down versions of books from B.E.S. popular children's series of Little People Shape Books. Starting with the delightful front cover picture, B.E.S. Mini People titles feature all of the larger books' full-color illustrations as they show boys and girls in different, exciting adult roles, or in imaginative roles inspired by favorite children's stories. Each of these board books is die-cut in the shape of the happy child who appears on the front cover.
  • Princess B

    Tara Tyler, Imani Allen

    language (Tara Tyler Author, April 20, 2018)
    Twelve-year-old Bria Randall is the “man” of the house, now that her older brother Kendrick went missing. Though caring for little sis Shae is a tough job, she does what needs done. When Princess B finds a stuffed dragon keychain, he gives her some magical help to stand up to the evils that threaten and comforts them as Kendrick once did. But some things Princess B must face alone. She’ll do anything for a happy ending.
  • Princess

    Jean Sasson, James Langton

    MP3 CD (Brilliance Audio, Aug. 19, 2014)
    Sultana is a Saudi Arabian princess, a woman born to fabulous, uncountable wealth. She has four mansions on three continents, her own private jet, glittering jewels, designer dresses galore. But in reality she lives in a gilded cage. She has no freedom, no control over her own life, no value but as a bearer of sons. Hidden behind her black floor-length veil, she is a prisoner, jailed by her father, her husband, her sons, and her country. Sultana is a member of the Saudi royal family, closely related to the king. For the sake of her daughters, she has decided to take the risk of speaking out about the life of women in her country, regardless of their rank. She must hide her identity for fear that the religous leaders in her country would call for her death to punish her honesty. Only a woman in her position could possibly hope to escape from being revealed and punished, despite her cloak and anonymity. Sultana tells of her own life, from her turbulent childhood to her arranged marriage—a happy one until her husband decided to displace her by taking a second wife—and of the lives of her sisters, her friends and her servants. Although they share affection, confidences and an easy camaraderie within the confines of the women's quarters, they also share a history of appaling oppressions, everyday occurrences that in any other culture would be seen as shocking human rights violations; thirteen-year-old girls forced to marry men five times their age, young women killed by drowning, stoning, or isolation in the "women's room," a padded, windowless cell where women are confined with neither light nor conversation until death claims them. By speaking out, Sultana risks bringing the wrath of the Saudi establishment upon her head and the heads of her children. But by telling her story to Jean Sasson, Sultana has allowed us to see beyond the veils of this secret society, to the heart of a nation where sex, money, and power reign supreme.