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Books with title My Mom Loves Me!

  • Mommy Loves Me!

    Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand, Kim Mitzo Thompson, Jackie Binder

    (, March 22, 2020)
    Black and white art and bursts of color will capture baby’s attention with simple pictures that encourage learning. Fun sound effects and sweet music will have little ones laughing as they listen to the sound of an elephant, bee, kangaroo, chimpanzee, lion, sheep, and hippopotamus. “Mommy Loves Me!” is a perfect introduction for babies and toddlers to learn animal sounds and the simple truth that mommies love their babies!
  • Mommy Loves Me

    Dawn Sirett, Rachael Parfitt

    Board book (DK Preschool, Feb. 20, 2006)
    This small-format "cuddle up together" book celebrates the precious bond between mother and child with gentle rhyming text perfect for reading aloud to your baby.
  • My Mother Loves Me!


    Hardcover (Hinkler Books, )
  • Mommy Loves Me

    Georgina Wren, Gabi Murphy

    Board book (Imagine That, July 1, 2020)
    From a good morning hug and a yummy breakfast to a kiss on a hurt knee and an anytime cuddle, familiar scenes from everyday life will promote feelings of calm and happiness at storytime and beyond.
  • Mommy Loves

    Anne Gutman

    Board book (CHRONICLE BOOKS, March 31, 2005)