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  • My Little Book of Tractors

    Rod Green

    Hardcover (QEB Publishing, July 1, 2017)
    What is a tractor? How fast can a tractor go? Which tractors work on a building site? My Little Book of Tractors answers all these questions and more. Simple, easy-to-understand text combines with stunning photography to provide an excellent introduction to the different types of tractors and their jobs. Perfect for reluctant readers, this book will hold the interest of young children and encourage them to find out more about these amazing vehicles. An index helps readers to learn new vocabulary and the brilliant photographs make this an ideal spotters' guide for holidays in the countryside.
  • My Little Book of Manners

    Edited by Sequoia Children's Publishing

    Hardcover (Sequoia Children's Publishing, July 2, 2019)
    Yes, please, and thank you! This beautiful padded treasury is an easy way to teach your little one about manners. Through lovely life lessons and beautiful artwork, My Little Book of Manners will have you and your little one sharing stories about honesty, patience, and the importance of using the right words. You can even personalize the book to make it extra special. Stories include: Please and Thank You In The Bathroom Good Manners Play Nice A Helping Hand Be Patient Let's Be Friends Table Manners Excuse Me I'm Sorry Be Honest Let's Share Goops
  • Big Book of Tractors

    Rob Lloyd Jones, Lisa Jane Gillespie

    Hardcover (Usborne Books, June 15, 2014)
    Open the giant fold-out pages to discover some of the biggest and most amazing tractors ever built - from the world's largest tractor to huge harvesting machines and monster polar vehicles.
  • My Little Book of Prayers

    Suzy Spafford

    Hardcover (Harvest House Publishers, Jan. 1, 2005)
    Invite children to follow the lively characters of Suzy’s Zoo® along a parade of praises and prayers. Animated illustrations and light prose encourage little ones to talk to God as they count blessings, ask for guidance, share joys, and rejoice in their special qualities and circumstances. This engaging gift will add spirit to every cause for celebration—birthdays, religious holidays, or the start of a great library.
  • Big Book of Tractors

    Lisa Jane Gillespie

    Hardcover (Usborne Publishing Ltd, March 1, 2017)
    Open the giant fold-out pages of this bright, friendly book to discover some of the biggest and most amazing tractors ever built - and some little ones too. Colourful pictures show all kinds of machines, from combine harvesters to snow and sea tractors, with facts about their special equipment. Includes links to video clips to see tractors at work.
  • My Little Book of Tractors

    Howard Hughes

    Hardcover (QED PUBLISHING, Aug. 16, 2001)
    My Little Book of Tractors
  • My Little Carry Books: Tractors

    DK Publishing

    Board book (DK Preschool, Jan. 16, 2013)
    With a nifty handle to promote book-handling skills and manual dexterity, this fun board book features photographs and lively rhyming text showing different colored balers, tractors, diggers, and more, making for a book toddlers can easily tote around and won't want to put down.
  • My Little Book of Cars

    Michael Worek

    Hardcover (Firefly Books, Oct. 11, 2013)
    A charming collection of photos all about cars and things connected to them. This lovely padded book introduces small children to a multitude of features relating to cars. Colorful photographs reveal close-up details ranging from seatbelts, gas pumps and car seats to full images of racecars, minivans and tow trucks. One- to three-word captions in large type describe the images and provide children with the opportunity to learn new words. Cars and their details featured in this book: Everyday cars such as the sedan, minivan and police cars Sports cars, stretch limousines, race cars, red cars and blue cars Classic and vintage cars, tractors and farm vehicles Illustrating a fender bender and tow trucks Close-up images such as an exhaust pipe, steering wheel and under the hood. Cars are everywhere and we use them every day. Their variety of shapes, colors and sounds makes them a perennial favorite of children.
  • My Little Book of Trucks, Trains and Tractors


    Board book (Brimax Books, )
  • My Book of Tractors


    Board book (Parragon Plus, )
  • My First Book of Tractors

    Kath Jewitt

    Hardcover (Parragon, March 15, 2005)
    This is a children's book that is extremely well illustrated and is designed to help the reader develop reading skills. The story is simple but interesting.
  • My Little Book

    Purity Sogomo

    language (Purity J Sogomo Inc, June 7, 2016)
    'My Little Book' focusses on Tula, a young giraffe, and the importance of family. It also encourages children to not only develop their talents but enjoy their daily lives from schoolwork to hanging out with friends who bring out the best in them.Love is the greatest gift and parents/ guardians should not only let their children know this in words but also in actions. Let us bring the best in our children.Enjoy.Purity J SogomoNairobi, KenyaMay 26, 2016