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  • Airplanes

    Darlene Ruth Stille

    Library Binding (Compass Point Books, Sept. 1, 2001)
    Describes details about airplanes, including the first planes, passenger airplanes, propeller planes, cargo planes, war planes, and special kinds of planes.
  • Airplanes

    Ruth Mabee Lachman, Lenora Combes, Herbert Combes

    Hardcover (Simon and Schuster, March 15, 1953)
    Excellent teacher's classroom copy of 1953 (A printing) First edition. Same edition as pictured.
  • Airplanes

    Cari Meister

    Paperback (Pebble, Jan. 1, 2019)
    Get a bird's-eye view of airplanes, past and present. Introduce early readers in preK-2 to the variety of boats and ships they can see in their community and in their world. Cover the basics of how airplanes work, along with a brief history. Bold photographs and energetic text are perfect for read-alouds or introductions to transportation units. A short photo timeline in the back will reinforce how technology has changed over time.
  • Airplanes

    Bryan Langdo

    language (Gorilla Publishing, Dec. 12, 2012)
    Airplanes:Gorilla is building a new model airplane. He's worked long and hard on this model, which he plans to display on his shelf. But when Hippo sees the airplane, he tries to convince Gorilla to fly it. What will Gorilla do?
  • Airplanes

    Cynthia Roberts

    Library Binding (The Childs World Inc, Jan. 1, 2007)
    Introduces airplanes, describing their function, parts, how they fly, and who flies them.
  • Airplanes

    Lisa J. Amstutz

    Hardcover (Focus Readers, Aug. 1, 2017)
    Introduces readers to the science that makes airplanes possible. Accessible text, helpful diagrams, and a How Does It Work? feature make this book an exciting introduction to understanding technology.
  • Airplanes

    Jenny Fretland VanVoorst

    Library Binding (Jump!, Inc., Jan. 1, 2018)
    In Airplanes, early fluent readers learn about the science, engineering, and physics that make flight possible. Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully leveled text engage young readers as they learn about these exciting machines.
  • Airplanes

    Darlene R. Stille

    Paperback (Childrens Pr, Sept. 1, 1997)
    Discusses how planes fly, their parts, and their different uses
  • Airplanes

    Mary Kate Doman

    Paperback (Enslow Elementary, Oct. 1, 2011)
    Zip, dip, and zoom through the air with AIRPLANES. Full-color photos and easy-to-read text introduces young readers to the world of big planes.
  • Airplanes

    Gail Saunders-Smith

    Library Binding (Capstone Press, Sept. 1, 1997)
    Describes several different kinds of airplanes, including a paper airplane, a propeller plane, a biplane, a crop duster, a seaplane, a water bomber, and jets.
  • Airplanes

    Lola M. Schaefer

    Library Binding (Capstone Press, Sept. 1, 1999)
    Covers the history and future of aviation and includes discussions of different types of planes and how they work.
  • Airplanes

    Byron Barton

    Hardcover (T.Y. Crowell Junior Books, May 16, 1986)
    Brief text and illustrations present a variety of airplanes and what they do.