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Books with title Mary Poppins: The Original Story

  • Mary Poppins: The Original Story

    P. L. Travers

    eBook (HarperCollinsChildren'sBooks, March 27, 2010)
    Discover the joy and wonder of Mary Poppins in the classic adventures!The original best-loved classic about the world’s most famous nanny – Mary Poppins.When the Banks family advertise for a nanny, Mary Poppins and her talking umbrella appear out of the sky, ready to take the children on extraordinary adventures.Mary Poppins is strict but fair, and soon Michael and Jane are whisked off to a funfair inside a pavement picture and on many more outings with their wonderful new nanny!Needless to say, when at last ‘the wind changes’ and she flies away, the children are devastated. But the magic of Mary Poppins will stay with the Banks family forever.The original story of the world’s most famous nanny, Mary Poppins, is a timeless classic that has enchanted generations.
  • Mulan: The Original Story

    Dance Liu

    This is a Chinese Picture Story Series book. It is in both English and Chinese. The paintings are in vivid colors and are of great quality. The series is aimed to help adopted children from China, for people who are ready to adopt children from China, and adoption organizations to learn Chinese and Chinese culture. they can be also served as reading materials for Chinese learners and people who are interested in Chinese culture. The high quality of the paintings are also of high artistic values and can be served as good reference materials for artists, including painters, drawers and art designers. It can also help all English speakers who are interested in China to understand Chinese history and culture. The story of Mulan is very popular in the United States, attributable to the production of the movie by Disney. The story in the movie is highly vigorous and moving, full of imaginations. Thanks to the production of Disney, almost everyone in the world knows Mulan. Here we are presenting the original version of the story of Mulan, which was depicted in a well-known poem called "The Mulan Poem". This beautiful poem is very popular in China and is loved by all Chinese people and is in the Chinese textbooks. Here we can appreciate the original story of Mulan, which is no less interesting and moving than the movie version. From here you will find out the true story of Mulan, and the authentic version of the legendary and brave girl. She is beautiful, filial to her parents, loyal to the country and the emperor, courageous and is loved by her family and companions. Yet she did not care about her gain and fame, and just wanted to serve her parents and the country. So she returned to home, giving up the high-rank awards by the emperor. The paintings are of great quality and artistic value, and presents the beautiful girl in beautiful scenes. We believe you will love the story and the paintings. It is especially suitable for kids. The story and the arts have no boundary of country, nation or ethics.This book should be read in landscape mode.
  • Mary Poppins - Original Version

    P. L. Travers, Mary Shepard, Sam Sloan

    Paperback (Ishi Press, Nov. 28, 2019)
    You will not be able to find this exact book in any book store and probably not in any public library because it has been banned. Part of the reason for being banned you will find in the drawing of the compass and the text on page 61 when Jane says, ";I believe we are in China."; and soon the old man touches his head to the ground. None of this is to be found in the book available in the public libraries. It has been banned because of the charge of ethnic stereotyping. The book you will find in public libraries will say "Bad Tuesday (revised version)"; and it will have other copyright dates after 1934. It was first published in London in 1934. After the original book was banned in some public libraries, the author P. L. Travers was forced to rewrite it. This was because of Chapter 6 Bad Tuesday. This chapter was revised and the drawings redone by the author P. L. Travers.
  • Mary Poppins: The Original Bestseller

    P. L. Travers

    Hardcover (HarperCollinsChildren’sBooks, Nov. 7, 2013)
  • Mary Poppins: Original Movie DVD

    Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, Robert Stevenson