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  • Manatees

    Dr. James Powell

    Paperback (Voyageur Press, Nov. 25, 2002)
    This top-selling series introduces the wild creatures of the world and examines the natural world. Good general introductions for ages 10+, these volumes contain the knowledge, personal experiences, and research of leading naturalists and scientists, accompanied by stunning photography. Unless otherwise noted (*), all volumes are sturdy paperback.
  • Manatees

    Frank J. Staub

    Library Binding (Lerner Pub Group, June 1, 1998)
    Describes the physical characteristics, behavior, habitat and endangered status of this gentle sea animal that is a relative of the elephant
  • Manatees

    Kathy Feeney

    Paperback (Cooper Square Publishing Llc, March 1, 2001)
    Where the animal lives, what it eats, when it sleeps, how it raises its young and much more.― Over 30 vivid, full color photos and illustration.― Sidebar Fun Facts, an index and a list of Internet Sites.
  • Manatees

    Kate Riggs

    Paperback (Creative Paperbacks, March 13, 2018)
    From flightless, long-legged ostriches to winged rays, and from elusive, long-tailed snow leopards to wily foxes, the world of animals is wonderfully diverse. This popular and newly expanded series continues traveling the planet to study these and other fascinating mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, and invertebrates. Beautiful photos are paired with STEM-appropriate text to examine the featured creature's appearance, habitat, behaviors, and life cycle. Each book also presents a folk story that people have used to help explain the animal's appearance or behavior. A basic exploration of the appearance, behavior, and habitat of manatees, the aquatic relatives of dugongs. Also included is a story from folklore explaining why manatees are associated with mermaids.
  • Manatees

    Melissa Gish

    Paperback (Creative Paperbacks, March 7, 2017)
    Vivid photographs help take readers on a virtual field study to observe the life cycle and behaviors of each featured mammal, bird, or reptile. Each book also looks at past and present scientific research and includes a unique storytelling element in the form of an animal tale drawn from mythology or folklore. Progressively complex text draws readers into this interdisciplinary life science series. A look at manatees, including their habitats, physical characteristics such as their unique respiratory system, behaviors, relationships with humans, and the protected status of these intelligent creatures in the world today.
  • Saving Manatees

    Stephen R. Swinburne, Andy Paris, Recorded Books

    Audible Audiobook (Recorded Books, Oct. 18, 2013)
    What has the whiskers of a walrus, the eyes of a mole, the wrinkles of an elephant, the tail of a beaver, and the gentle nature of a sloth? A slow-moving, water-loving, plant-eating, gentle giant called a manatee. The manatee has been swimming the oceans for ages. But today this ancient animal faces an uncertain future. Stephen Swinburne takes young readers into the underwater world of manatees as he assists marine biologists who monitor the health of manatees in Homosassa Springs, Florida, and snorkels in the Crystal River with a dozen fourth-graders to observe manatees in the wild.
  • Manatees

    Patricia A. Fink Martin

    Paperback (Childrens Pr, March 15, 2003)
    Describes the physical characteristics, behavior, habitat, and endangered status of manatees.
  • Manatees

    Sarah Palmer

    Library Binding (Rourke Pub Group, Sept. 15, 1989)
    Describes, in simple terms, the appearance, infancy, habits, behavior, and habitat of the manatee or sea cow.
  • Manatees

    Victoria Blakemore

    Paperback (Victoria Blakemore, Nov. 26, 2017)
    An interesting and informative look into the life and behavior of manatees for young readers.This book covers the physical characteristics, habitat, family life, behavior, and conservation of manatees.
  • Manatees/Manatíes

    Valerie J. Weber

    Paperback (Weekly Reader/Gareth Stevens Pub, July 1, 2008)
    Presents basic information about manatees, including how they move around, how they find food, and how they communicate with one another.
  • Manatees

    Ashlee Craft

    language (, Aug. 19, 2013)
    Manatees are large, gentle, animals. They are aquatic, which means they live in the water. Manatees spend most of their time traveling, eating, and resting. Learn all about them in this illustrated and educational book.
  • Manatees

    Janet Palazzo-Craig, Peter Barrett

    Paperback (Troll Communications, Sept. 1, 1998)
    Looks at manatees, including information about their anatomy, senses, eating habits, young, and endangerment from boats and habitat destruction