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Books with title Maker Genius: 50 Home Science Experiments

  • Maker Genius: 50+ Home Science Experiments


    Paperback (Scholastic Inc., March 26, 2019)
    For every kid who has ever wondered "what happens when you...?" This book shows you how to try... and try again to see what happens NOW.This book explores science using the Maker sensibility (though you don't need to have even heard of the Maker Movement). It's about giving it your best shot, making, remaking, testing, tinkering, hacking, as a way of exploring science principles, rather than having someone tell you, this is exactly how to do a science experiment, and this is exactly what's going to happen.This 128-page book is packed with more than 50 awesome home science projects. It's the first in a series for confident readers ages 8+, focusing on STEM subjects in a cool, fun way, putting kids in charge of what they find out and how they do it.
  • Science Experiments at Home

    Jo Ellen Moore

    Paperback (Evan-Moor Corp, April 1, 1996)
    Book by Moore, Jo Ellen
  • Science Experiments At Home

    Jo Ellen Moore, Joy Evans, Kelly McMahon

    Paperback (Evan-Moore Corp., March 15, 1995)
    This workbook shows your child how to do an experiment, exploring magnets, sound, simple machines, rocks, seeds & plants, water, & static electricity.