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Books with title Love You Forever

  • I Love You Always and Forever

    Jonathan Emmett, Daniel Howarth

    Paperback (Gullane Children's Books, March 15, 2007)
  • I will love you FOREVER

    Mike Valasek

    language (, Aug. 15, 2013)
    Book one in the mystery series that follows a Billionaire's son.
  • Love Is Forever

    Agnes De Bezenac, Salem Debezenac

    Paperback (Regina Press Malhame & Company, Jan. 1, 2015)
    Love is Forever offers 1 Corinthians 13 (the love chapter) in words and sweet illustrations that children can relate to.
  • My love forever

    Dylan Pitston

    language (, July 3, 2018)
    A little bird learns to understand that no matter what happens in life, there will always be the love of family that stays strong; and this love will always make you want to be back home.
  • I Love You Forever and a Day

    Brandi L McMahan

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Oct. 17, 2016)
    Teach your child about shapes, colors, days of the week, months, and seasons of the year with this adorable book about a mothers love for her child. Most importantly teach your child about how despite the rules that seem unfair, why we have them and how they are another way we show how much we love them. Sometimes parenting can seem mean, and setting and enforcing rules is hard on us too. We want to give our kids the world while still shaping them into decent human beings! I hope this book will be another way to remind your child just how much you love them and that it's your job as a parent to not only love them, but to also teach them and protect them.
  • Forever Young

    Bob Dylan, Jim Cregan, Kevin Savigar, Rod Stewart

    eBook (, April 25, 2013)
    Digital Sheet Music of Forever YoungComposed by: Bob Dylan;Jim Cregan;Kevin SavigarPerformed by: Rod Stewart
  • I Will Love You Forever

    Joanna L. Walsh

    Paperback (Joanna L. Walsh, Nov. 2, 2017)
    TO PERSONALIZE THIS BOOK BY CHOOSING CHARACTER TYPE, INSERTING THE CHILD'S NAME THROUGHOUT THE STORY, AND YOUR PERSONAL MESSAGE, GO TO A learning book for young readers about the endless and unconditional love that a mother has for her child. Through many thoughtful questions Lailah asks her mother, she learns about the length of day and of seasons, and the fun activities that she has to look forward to throughout the year. Lailah also learns about the mistakes she could make, the struggles she might experience in school, and how her mother’s love withstands all those obstacles.
  • Yours Forever

    Robin Jones Gunn

    Paperback (Focus on the Family, Sept. 1, 1998)
    In trying to win the attention of handsome Todd, fifteen-year-old Christy alienates everyone else but discovers that God cares for her even during broken relationships
  • I Love You Always and Forever

    Jonathan Emmett, Daniel Howarth

    Board book (Cartwheel Books, Dec. 1, 2010)
    An endearing story of love between a father and daughter mouse--now in board book!This adorable tale is now available in a board book format!Littletail loves playing tag with her father, but Longtail is always faster. Littletail adores hide-and-seek, but Longtail always finds her. At least when they play follow the leader, Littletail can always squeeze into the smallest spaces!Longtail tells Littletail that he won't be faster, cleverer, and bigger than her forever. At the end of a busy day of games, Longtail tucks Littletail into their nest and reminds her of the one thing that will stay the same--always and forever--and that's his love for her.
  • I Love You, Forever And More

    Tina Chantrey, Lola Chantrey-Jowett

    language (Tina Chantrey, Oct. 7, 2016)
    This is a simple, heart-warming and loving story following Little Brown Bear's journey from birth to school, and everything in between, from author and journalist Tina Chantrey
  • I Love You For You

    Heather Lester, Vicky Fieldhouse

    Paperback (For Good Media, March 1, 2018)
    "You be who you're meant to be, and I'll love you for you." A child might be different from their parent in a lot of ways, but a parent's love is unconditional. I Love You For You celebrates the fun a parent and child have when they embrace what makes each other different.
  • Forever Yours

    David Pierce

    language (Alloy Entertainment, Nov. 29, 2016)
    Alec and Callie love each other more than life itself—they vow to be together forever. Then Callie is killed in a tragic accident, leaving Alec alone. But Alec is a genius. A genius who knows how to bring Callie back from the dead. When Callie is revived, Alec quickly sees that she’s not the old Callie. She needs to kill to stay alive. Now Alec has to make a terrible choice: destroy Callie, or watch as evil consumes her—body and soul. But can he kill the girl he loves—if she’s already dead?