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  • Little-or-Nothing from Nottingham

    Marguerite Henry, Wesley Dennis

    Hardcover (Whittlesey House, Jan. 1, 1949)
    "Really this deserves to be one of the beloved picture story books of the year. It is winsome and very, very funny, and its hero, the vagabond pup, has a well defined personality. Little-or-Nothing got his name from his circus master when he joined the big show at Nottingham. His master, Mr. Zodiac Spangler, and his wife, who was French and looked like a poodle because she had the thickest head of hair on earth, were very good to him and he was completely happy. His act in the big ring, his great friend, the elephant, and the wonderful bones he got each night and which he always buried under the Spangler's caravan, were pure contentment. But when he discovered all those beautiful bones were missing his worries began and the story of how he arrived at a solution of the mystery makes a wonderful story. Children are going to love it, laugh over it, and want to hear it again and again. The illustrations, in three colors, of circus life and Little-or-Nothing's plight are by Wesley Dennis and perfect. The binding is strong red cloth. Congratulations to both author and artist on the readability, originality and freshness of their story." - Kirkus Reviews, Pub Date: Aug. 24th, 1949