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Books with title Let's Count, Baby

  • Let's Count, Baby

    Cheryl Willis Hudson, George Ford

    Board book (Cartwheel, March 1, 1997)
  • Let's Count, Baby

    Cheryl Willis Hudson;Cheryl Willis Hudson

    Board book (Cartwheel, March 15, 1605)
  • Let's Count

    Charles Reasoner

    Board book (Little Birdie Books, May 1, 2011)
    Bright photographs of familiar objects engage little ones as they learn to count.
  • Let's Count

    Tana Hoban

    Hardcover (Greenwillow Books, Sept. 30, 1999)
    Over twenty-five years ago Tana Hoban stunned the children's book world with her innovative black-and-white photographs in Count and See.Now she returns to the subject, and her glorious full-color pictures add a new dimension to the excitement and fun of counting when numbers are still fresh and something to be mastered.From one to one hundred -- Let's Count!
  • Let's Count

    Kelli Chipponeri, Vince Giarrano

    Board book (Simon Spotlight, Feb. 1, 2002)
    From screws and boards to bricks and more, little ones can count along with Bob as he works through his day.
  • Let's Count Baby Animals!

    Jennifer Oxley, Little Airplane Productions

    Board book (Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon, July 29, 2008)
    Three . . . two . . . Wonder Pets! Young adventurers will love to count cute baby animals with Linny, Ming-Ming, and Tuck! This small board book with rounded corners is just right for preschoolers’ hands.
  • Let's Count

    Kelli Chipponeri

    language (HIT Entertainment Limited, Nov. 7, 2012)
    Can You Count It? Yes, You Can! 1,2, Bob tightens the screws. 3, 4, Wendy fixes the floor. Count all the way up to 20 with Bob and friends as they work through the day.
  • Let's Count Baby

    Cheryl Willis Hudson, George Cephas Ford

    Board book (Cartwheel Books, Feb. 1, 1995)
    An African American baby plays with a teddy bear, toy trucks, and other familiar objects that help count numbers from one to ten
  • Let's Count

    Margarita G. Silver, Tom Heard

    Bi-lingual English-Russian book for children that introduces young readers to numbers from one to ten in two languages.
  • Smart Baby Let's Count

    Roger Priddy

    Board book (Priddy Books, Dec. 10, 2007)
  • Let's Count

    Jacqueline Brown

    eBook (Jacqueline Brown, )
  • Let's Count

    Larry Burkett

    Board book (Chariot Victor Pub, June 1, 2001)
    Life Issue: My children need to learn the role of money and the importance of giving to God with a thankful heart. Spiritual Building Block: Thankfulness Learning Styles • Sight: Help your children glue individual coins on squares of cardboard. If you wish to include a dollar bill, seal it in a plastic sandwich bag. Hold up each money sample and ask your children to name the coin/bill and tell how much it is worth. • Sound: Read Let’s Count daily until your children can fill in the blanks when you pause in your reading. • Touch: Give your children a handful of coins to sort. Let them select some of the coins to put in the offering at church or hand-deliver to a local ministry or charity. Larry Burkett is the author of more than 40 books and hosts the radio programs “Money Matters” and “How to Manage Your Money,” aired on more than 1,100 outlets worldwide. He lives with his family in Georgia.