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  • Kingdom of Wrenly

    Jordan Quinn

    Library Binding (Spotlight, Dec. 15, 2015)
    Welcome to the Kingdom of Wrenly! From two different worlds, eight-year-old Prince Lucas is an only child who longs to make friends and go on adventures beyond the castle walls. Clara is the daughter of the queen's seamstress, and with her freedom, knows the surrounding lands well. When these two pair up to explore the kingdom together, adventures are bound to happen!
  • Kingdom of War

    Tricia Copeland, Tia Silverthorne Bach

    Paperback (Independently published, May 2, 2019)
    Theyโ€™d been imaginary childhood friends until Alena found him thirteen years later. After uniting the trinity, they formed a coven of witches, eight souls shouldered with the burden of breaking an age-old curse. Someone had to lead, and from the moment he became a full witch, Hunter knew it must be him. But his power, the magic coursing through his veins, hungered for a life of its own. Can he control his demons? Will Alena, Camille, and Hunter figure out how to break the spell binding their souls or will the darkness consume them?