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  • Kids' Road Atlas

    Rand McNally

    Perfect Paperback (Rand McNally, May 1, 2015)
    The Kids' Road Atlas features simplified yet real road maps of all 50 states, plus Washington, D.C. Extras include state-related games plus state birds, flowers, trees and capitals. Answers for all games and puzzles are in the back of the book with an index.
  • Kids Us Road Atlas

    Rand Mcnally

    Paperback (Rand Mcnally, April 1, 1996)
    This is the only stat-by-state kids' road atlas, complete with cities and highways, lakes and rivers, and national parks and monuments. Kids cal follow the maps and play their way across the U.S.A. with puzzles, maps and brain teasers.
  • Kids' Road Atlas

    Kristy McGowan, Karen Richards, Chris Reed

    Paperback (Rand McNally, May 15, 1999)
    Is map reading an adventure or a mystery? It's only a mystery if you haven't uncovered the clues and codes. The information included in this book will help you unlock the mystery and get started on the adventure.
  • Kids' U.S. Road Atlas

    Rand McNally

    Paperback (Rand Mcnally, Jan. 15, 1992)
    Meet Randy McNally. He's a travelin' kid just like you. And, like you, he gets bored sitting in the back seat. So, he invented the Randy McNally Kids' U.S. Road Atlas.This atlas has real maps of all fifty states, Canada, and Mexico. You can follow along as you ride, or use the maps at home to plan a trip with your family.