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Books with title Kai-lan's Awesome Coloring Book

  • Kai-lan's Awesome Coloring Book

    Golden Books

    Paperback (Golden Books, May 10, 2011)
    Kai-Lan's Awesome Coloring Book0
  • SING Coloring Book: Awesome Book for Kids

    Rainbow Books

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, )
  • Awesome Animals Coloring Book

    Maggie Swanson

    Paperback (Dover Publications, April 21, 2016)
    These whimsical drawings of familiar and strange animals offer kids an exciting coloring experience. Twenty-six boldly rendered images — many in big, two-page spreads — depict domestic and wild creatures, including a contented cow and her calf, a frog and turtle resting on lily pads, as well as giraffes, lions, toucans, koalas, monkeys, and other animals.
  • Awesome Autumn Coloring Book

    Ciparum llc

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Sept. 26, 2015)
    Awesome Autumn Coloring Book is filled with amazing illustrations of Fall and Fall activities! This coloring book gives your child another avenue to learn, and also consolidate on what he or she already knows. The unique images provide a large area for your child to color. Coloring is fun; picking colors by making choices, boosts a child’s confidence. The process of coloring itself helps children develop their fine motor skills, sensory skills and dexterity. There is an artist in every child; including yours. Don’t let it diminish. Nourish it with this Awesome Autumn Coloring Book and watch creativity and confidence get unleashed in your child. This coloring book is great for adults too and makes a perfect gift for holidays and birthdays!
  • Awesome Toys Coloring Book

    L. L. Demaco

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, May 14, 2015)
    There are some toys that your child can't have but don't worry, he/she can still play with them through this amazingly effective coloring book! Coloring is a must-do activity that improves your child's handwriting, relaxation and patience, focus and confidence too! Your child will love the feeling of accomplishment every time an image is completed. Buy a copy now.