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  • Just Like Me

    Adam Relf

    Hardcover (Sterling, April 1, 2008)
    With its bright and textured images, this charming picture book invites kids to listen, look, touch…and even find an army of armadillos cleverly hidden throughout. “Go play with your cousins, Arlo!” That’s what Arlo the armadillo hears his mom say, and that’s exactly what he’s trying to do. But just when he thinks he’s found them, it turns out that he’s really discovered something else. Those scaly heads peeping out of the water? Alligators! Those pointy ears emerging from behind a pile of earth? They belong to a bunny, digging a hole.Where could his cousins—armadillos from head to toe, just like Arlo—be? Sharp-eyed children will see!
  • Just Like Me

    J Tillman

    Hardcover (Jesus Chick, Dec. 30, 2016)
    Playing princesses with her twin daughters one day, Author J. Tillman noticed that her daughters chose dolls and images that did not reflect their features. Ms. Tillman felt that she needed to create a source of empowerment and acceptance for her children and other children of color because society and the media has established a standard of beauty that is not consistent with the growing diversity of the world. Just Like Me teaches young children to love their appearance from the inside out regardless of what they see on TV while respecting and embracing other forms of beauty.
  • Just Like Me

    Vickie Whitehead

    Paperback (Bookstand Publishing, May 3, 2018)
    Just Like Me is an ocean story about the wonderful journey of a starfish's self discovery with the help of a new friend.
  • Just Like Mike

    Gail Herman, Meryle Treatner

    Paperback (Yearling, Aug. 14, 2001)
    When Michael Brown’s mom marries Mr. Jordan, everything changes. Now Michael’s got a new dad, a new house, a new school, and worst of all, a new name. Michael is nothing like the famous athlete. In fact, he can’t even dribble a basketball, let alone swoosh it through the hoop! How can he survive the rest of the year–the rest of his life, really–as Michael Jordan?
  • Just.Like.Us

    Rosie Guss

    language (, March 8, 2017)
    Just.Like.Us tells the story of a 17-year-old girl trying to escape the horrors of her past, while trying to discover the person she wants to be. The story deals with many sensitive subjects such as rape, sex, drug use, mental health, bullying, suicide and suicidal thoughts, self harm, abuse, and has a fair share of explicit language. The main theme throughout Just.Like.Us is self acceptance and learning how to overcome things that have happened in the past. It’s a coming of age story written about a teen, by a teen.
  • Just Like Me

    James Boots

    language (, March 30, 2014)
    Kidnapped to fight a war against an unknown enemy in space, a young man’s beliefs about the rights of others lead him to fight for the enemy - against the humans. Andrew soon uncovers a trap to take over the blue planet and must come up with actions and answers to resolve the situation. Finding strange allies and friends along the way, our hero must learn fast as time runs out for earth.
  • Just Like Me

    Barbara J. Neasi, Johanna Hantel

    Paperback (Childrens Pr, March 15, 2003)
    Jennifer tells of the many ways that she and her twin sister, Julie, are alike and different.
  • Just Like Me

    J Tillman

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Dec. 31, 2016)
    JUST LIKE ME is a lovable book of twin sisters loving the skin they are in! The larger than life characters, compare their natural beauty to nature's beauty that surrounds. The story of these two sisters teach the altruistic truth that beauty is universal! This story tells a tale of love, life and acceptance all children can identify with!
  • Just Like Me

    June Melser

    Paperback (The Wright Group, )
  • Just Like Me

    Miriam Schlein, Marilyn Janovitz

    Paperback (Hyperion, March 1, 1995)
    A mother rabbit tells her son a story about a rabbit's adventure in the wild and it turns out to be a story about him
  • Just Like Me

    Barbara J Neasi, Johanna Hantel

    Library Binding (C. Press/F. Watts Trade, March 1, 2011)
    A little girl describes all the things she and her twin sister have in common. Includes suggested learning activities.
  • Just Like Me

    Marjorie Newman, Ken Wilson-Max

    Hardcover (Walker Books for Young Readers, April 18, 2006)
    Tom's new baby brother comes with a lot of surprises.When Tom's mother brings home a new baby brother, things start changing for Tom. Not only is the baby in his crib, but Mom and Dad never have time to read to him, go to the park, or play games. Tom gets very angry at all these changes, but his parents help him to see how much Tom and the baby have in common.For every child that has had a difficult time adjusting to a new baby, Marjorie Newman shows that a little bit of understanding can go a long way. Ken Wilson-Max's simple paintings illustrate the true excitement and sweetness of a new baby.