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  • It's a Magical World

    Bill Watterson

    eBook (Andrews McMeel Publishing, Nov. 24, 2015)
    When cartoonist Bill Watterson announced that his phenomenally popular cartoon strip would be discontinued, Calvin and Hobbes fans throughout the world went into mourning. Fans have learned to survive -- despite the absence of the boy and his tiger in the daily newspaper. It's a Magical World delivers all the satisfaction of visiting its characters once more. Calvin fans will be able to see their favorite mischief maker stir it up with his furry friend, long-suffering parents, classmate Susie Derkins, school teacher Miss Wormwood, and Rosalyn the baby-sitter. It's a Magical World includes full-color Sundays and has it all: Calvin-turned-firefly waking Hobbes with his flashlight glow; courageous Spaceman Spiff rocketing through alien galaxies as he battles Dad-turned-Bug-Being; and Calvin's always inspired snowman art. There's no better way for Watterson fans to savor again the special qualities of their favorite strip.
  • It's A Magical World

    Bill Watterson

    Library Binding (Turtleback Books, Sept. 1, 1996)
    FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. The final collection of comic strips from the popular syndicated series follows the adventures of Calvin and his stuffed tiger, Hobbes
  • It's a Magical World

    Bill Watterson

    Paperback (Scholastic, March 15, 1997)
    This is a wonderful collection of Calvin and Hobbes cartoons!
  • Voluspa-A Magical World

    Sam D, Ray East

    language (PRAMITA, June 13, 2012)
    Harry Potter meets TwilightAmy, a forlorn fifteen year old girl from NYC, never thought that she would attend school on a magical mountain with wild animals as her classmates and that she would go to a prom on a flying carpet. Its love at first sight when Drake- a shape shifter rescues her from a pre-historic beast and befriends her. Little does she know that Drake’s father is the tyrannical leader who has always wanted Amy and her kind dead. In her struggle to challenge the supremacy in the magical world, she realizes her powers, confronts aspects about herself that she may not be comfortable with, makes lasting friends while excelling in her school - something which she had not been able to do in her human world. All hell breaks loose, as Drake goes missing and Voluspan mercenaries try to hunt Amy down. Amy and her friends use strategic warfare, pit adversaries among themselves and use every last drop of strength, skill and courage as they take on warriors far more ruthless and skilled than themselves. But Amy is in for a rude shock when she finally finds Drake.
  • It's a Magical World

    Bill Watterson

    Paperback (Time Warner Books Uk, Sept. 15, 1997)
    This collection of cartoons features Calvin and Hobbes . It shows Calvin-turned-firefly waking Hobbes with his flashlight glow; Spaceman Spiff rocketing through alien galaxies as he battles Dad-turned-Bug-Being; and Calvin's always inspired snowman art.
  • It's a Magical World


    Hardcover (TurtlebackBooks, Sept. 30, 1996)
    Title: It's a Magical World( A Calvin and Hobbes Collection) <>Binding: Prebound <>Author: BillWatterson <>Publisher: TurtlebackBooks
  • Calvin & Hobbes: It'S A Magical World


    Hardcover (Andrews McMeel Publishing, Sept. 1, 1996)
    The final collection of comic strips from the popular syndicated series follows the adventures of Calvin and his stuffed tiger, Hobbes
  • My Magical World

    Samantha Blackwell, Kate O'Mara, Zakariah O'Mara-Mezzano, Samantha O'Mara-Mezzano

    language (The Publishing Company, June 4, 2012)
    Elizabeth is twelve years old and her little sister Elaine who is eleven. They are both witches-in-training. They live in the forest with their parents. The story begins when the girls are planning to create Mother's birthday present with magic for the first time. Then things get really exciting when the girl's cousin Ashley moves into the forest. The three girls become friends right away. That very same evening the girls find out that Mother is going to have a baby! Clearly the sister's lives are in for quite a few exciting changes; but will they be able to handle it, or will their excitement get them into trouble?
  • Magical World

    Michelle Campbell

    language (, Dec. 27, 2010)
    Magical World is a young adult fiction novel that combines sorcery and magic with humanity and romance. The story follows our heroine Munlee on her quest to uphold her family legacy of being one of the most prominent and powerful sorceresses while still holding strong to a more human and emotional side. Despite living in a magical community, she frequents a book store in a non-magic user town near her home. There she finds Seth, a perfectly ordinary human boy who shares her love of books and art. Together they explore the boundaries of friendship and forge a bond that cannot be shattered despite their diverse lifestyles and upbringing. It doesn’t take Munlee long to realize that she has completely fallen for Seth, and not just as friends. However, she is bound by a magical law that forbids her from telling him about her feelings until he first confesses his feelings for her. She struggles through several emotions, questioning the strength that she is supposed to possess and finally realizing that being strong isn’t about being the most powerful sorceress, but being a caring and compassionate human who is capable of showing strength and perseverance even through her most troubling times.
  • Opera's World: A Magical Story

    D.E. Night

    Hardcover (Stories Untold LLC, June 1, 2019)
    From swinging on stars to singing on stage, dreams are important, no matter the age. Join Opera as she explores the wonders of her own imagination through a series of magical adventures. Suitable for all ages, this story shines a light on the importance of dreaming big.
  • It's a Mens World

    Bebang Siy

    language (Anvil Publishing, Inc., April 28, 2016)
    This collection of funny and heartrending autobiographical essays by the young Filipino Chinese author is a photo album of sorts--there are black-and-white shots, vivid Polaroids, ID pictures, and yellowed photographs that look like scenes from a dream.
  • The Magical World

    Eleanore Figure, Edmund Figure

    language (, Sept. 18, 2016)
    The Magical World is a story about the wonderful world that awaits a young child. For a child everything is magical because a child is seeing the world for the very first time. It is said that unicorns live among the stars but through the magic of stories unicorns can come to life and live with us.Intended for preschool children. Includes full color pictures.