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  • I Love You, Grandma

    Ruth Wielockx

    Board book (Clavis, Aug. 18, 2020)
    Celebrate International Grandparents Day (09/13) with this lovely book! Who do you love? Grandma! A cheerful little book about playing with Grandma. For toddlers ages 12 months and up, with a focus on the child’s emotions.
  • I Love You, Grandma Elder Bear

    Mary Ella Walston

    Paperback (Westbow Press, Aug. 11, 2015)
    I Love You, Grandma Elder Bear teaches young children about patience, kindness, and love. The author and her husband have created many lasting memories taking their grandchildren on Grandma Elder Bear picnics and including in their picnic basket all the good food Grandma Elder Bear packed in her picnic basket.
  • I Love You, Grandma

    Michael Gordon

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, )
  • PS I Love You, Gramps


    Paperback (Shortland Publications, )
  • I Love You!

    Micah Player, Paper Hat Press

    Hardcover (Paper Hat Press, March 15, 2013)
    Show just how much you love that special kid in your life in this super sweet ode to love. Personalize the story with I or We ("I/We love you") and the name (or names) of the one you love (child, parent, grandparent, friend)-name will be featured throughout and in a spectacular finale. Add one's favorite sweet, sport or activity, food and toy, for a book as unique as your love. Each book comes with a heart-shaped, paper-over-board pendant that pops out of the cover and can be personalized, strung on a ribbon, and worn or given as a gift. When the pendant is removed from the cover, the book's title is personalized by name. * Personalized book for all ages * Hardcover, 26 pages | 8.5 x 8.5 inches * Each book comes specially wrapped in kraft paper that can be folded into a paper hat! * Story customizable by title, name, favorite sweet, sport/activity, food and toy * Book comes with a heart-shaped pendant that can be personalized
  • Love You Back Grandma

    Umesh Shukla

    Hardcover (All About Kids Publishing, April 10, 2018)
    A little girl reminisces with her grandma about the times they have shared. She recalls how her grandma has always been there for her, and all of the fun times they have had. Their bond is strong, and as the grandma grows older the grand-daughter's love shines brighter than ever, comforting the grandma in her hour of need.
  • I Love My Grandma

    Suewand Hollis, Ivan Earl Aguilar

    eBook (Xlibris US, June 5, 2015)
    My book is about a little boy who loves his grandma so much, and he enjoys the moments he spends with her.
  • I Love My Grandma

    Suewand Hollis

    Paperback (Xlibris, June 5, 2015)
    My book is about a little boy who loves his grandma so much, and he enjoys the moments he spends with her.
  • I love you: love

    achraf dakir

    Paperback (Independently published, July 17, 2020)
    6*9120 pages white paper
  • I Love You

    Josiane Hardin, Justin Hardin

    This book is meant as a tool for expectant mothers to bond with their babies as their wait for their arrival.
  • I Love You!

    Penelope Dyan

    Paperback (Bellissima Publishing LLC, July 31, 2012)
    Do you need to go and look for love, or does love find you every single day? Find out where our heroine looked for love, and laugh at all the oh so funny creatures she asked along the way. If you thought you had to look for love, where would you look and who would you ask? This book is written and illustrated by award winning author, attorney and former teacher, Penelope Dyan,; and it is sure to make you smile as you once again practice your reading skills and learn some new words. See if you can guess what comes next in the rhyme, and match the fun characters to the kid-friendly illustrations as you move along. And here is something even more fun--copy the words and the drawings and make them your very own, because this is anther way of learning and these books were intended to inspire you to do just that! You can also draw some of your very own characters and ask a grown up or a big kid how to spell the words that go with your drawings. This is another great way to learn. Penelope Dyan began making books when she was only six and she loved it so much that she never stopped writing and creating, until finally her dream came true and she began to make seriously real books! Maybe you can do that too! After all, a dream is just a wish your heart makes; and dreams really do come true! There is a video to go along with his book to further enhances the learning experience, and it has the same name as this book. Look on YouTube on the Bellissimavideo Channel or type Penelope Dyan at the YouTube Prompt along with the name of this book! Also join us for more fun on
  • I Love You

    Remy Charlip

    Hardcover (McGraw Hill, Aug. 16, 1967)
    The original edition of Charlip's extradordinarily scarce second (written and illustrated) book.