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  • Hush Little Baby:

    Sylvia Long

    Board book (Chronicle Books, Sept. 1, 2002)
    Bedtime is a special ritual for parents and children. Lullabies often play an important role. This best-selling version of the beloved lullaby Hush Little Baby is now available in a sturdy board book making it perfect for sharing with the youngest children.
  • Little Bunny

    L. Rigo

    Board book (B.E.S., Feb. 1, 2012)
    Little Bunny is one of several titles in the popular Look at Me series of children's animal board books that are being reset in a miniature size to fit tiny hands. Scaled down to approximately half the original's size, this book presents the same illustrations found in the original, with a slightly abridged story. Realistic illustrations and story offer a child-friendly naturalistic portrayal of a baby animal and its mother, and describes in simple language how the mother rabbit keeps her baby from getting into trouble. Toddlers will love the pictures, and will delight in having Mom or Dad read the story aloud.
  • Hush, Little Bunny

    David Ezra Stein

    Hardcover (Balzer + Bray, Jan. 22, 2019)
    This heartwarming classic story is the perfect gift for Easter, Father's Day, baby showers, and all year long. Fans of Kevin Henkes and Beatrix Potter will adore this gorgeously illustrated book.Come, little bunny, don’t be shy . . . “Hush Little Baby” is a lullaby that parents have sung to their children for generations. Now Caldecott Honor winner David Ezra Stein has reimagined the classic featuring an irresistible papa bunny and his little one.Perfect for snuggling at bedtime with your little bunny.
  • A Little Bunny

    Rosalee Wren, Cottage Door Press, Wednesday Kirwan

    Board book (Cottage Door Press, Dec. 18, 2018)
    A Little Bunny follows a day in the life of...a little Cottontail bunny! Little ones will learn all about cottontail rabbits in the wild. How do they explore the meadow? How do they search for food, like grass and dandelions? How do they play? When it's time to rest, head back to the nest with bunnies and rabbits alike for a great night's sleep. Mixing sweet illustrations with interesting facts for grown-ups and toddlers alike makes this a great early learning book. Come explore today! Follow a day in the life of a cottontail bunny! Shaped board book with thick pages perfectly sized for little hands and fingers to turn the pages and read along. Nostalgic, retro artwork and beautiful pages A perfect little gift to complete any Easter Basket Collect all the fun shaped board books in this series from Cottage Door Press and strengthen a love for books & reading at the earliest ages
  • Hush Little Baby

    Sylvia Long

    Hardcover (Chronicle Books, Feb. 1, 1997)
    Hush little baby, don't say a word,Mama's going to show you a hummingbird.If that hummingbird should fly,Mama's going to show you the evening sky.From award-winning artist Sylvia Long comes a touching version of the well-known lullaby, Hush Little Baby. Each spread reveals a tender scene as a mama bunny lulls her baby bunny to sleep by enlisting a parade of bedtime wonders—the beauty of a hummingbird in flight; the magic of a harvest moon; the reassurance of a parent's hug, all these and more combine to create a classic volume sure to be treasured for generations to come.
  • Lost Little Bunny

    Joanne Barkan, Jody Wheeler

    Paperback (Cartwheel Books, Feb. 1, 1995)
    When Little Bunny does not turn up at snacktime, Mother Rabbit and her other children go looking for him
  • Little Bunny Foo Foo

    The Good Fairy

    Paperback (Scholastic, Aug. 16, 2004)
    Little Bunny Foo Foo / Hoppin' through the forest / Scoopin' up the field mice / And boppin' 'em on the head.... This kid pleasing, sing-along song is now a hilarious book. In this irresistible book it's not just field mice that suffer Little Bunny Foo Foo's mischievous tricks, but woodchucks, foxes, & grizzly bears! And as LBFF's subjects grow so do his scooping methods, from lasso to tractor bucket to crane. All the while, LBFF takes his naughtiness to hyperbolic heights as the Good Fairy--hilariously rendered as a possum--points out the error of his wayward ways w/ humor & spunk. Painted in a warm, folksy style with vibrant colors & soft edges, Johnson strikes just the right balance between the joys of being bad & a tongue-in-cheek lesson in behavioral reform.
  • Little Bunny

    Lauren Thompson, John Butler

    Board book (Little Simon, Jan. 15, 2013)
    Settle down with Little Bunny in this board book edition of his hop-along adventures.Little Bunny just can’t sit still. It’s not that he doesn’t want to hear the tortoise’s story or play with the fox. He just can’t seem to stay in one place long before he has to hop, hop, hop off and play. The only person who can get him to calm down is his mama, and when she does, he gets to tell her all about his busy day! This sturdy board book edition is perfect for even the youngest of readers!
  • Hush Little Baby

    Caroline B. Cooney

    eBook (Open Road Media Teen & Tween, Aug. 7, 2012)
    A teenager risks everything to protect an abandoned baby in this thriller from the bestselling author of The Face on the Milk Carton. When Kit Innes’s frazzled ex-stepmother, Dusty, leaves her with an unnamed baby boy and a lot of questions, she’s not sure what to do. She’s doesn’t know if the adorable child is even Dusty’s, or if she plans on returning. But when an angry, frightening man comes looking for the baby, Kit decides that the most important thing is to keep him safe—at all costs. With the help of her maybe-boyfriend, Rowen, and his little sister, Muffin, Kit is determined to figure out what’s really going on. But as they attempt to return the mysterious baby to wherever it is he belongs, they discover that he’s part of something that could put them all in incredible danger . . . Filled with mystery and suspense, this riveting story proves why multimillion-copy bestselling author Caroline B. Cooney is a “thriller master” (Publishers Weekly). This ebook features an illustrated biography of Caroline B. Cooney including rare images and never-before-seen documents from the author’s personal collection.
  • Little Bunny

    Lisa McCue

    Board book (Random House Books for Young Readers, Jan. 24, 2012)
    A hopping good tale about discovering there's no place like home! Perfect for any season!An adventurous bunny goes exploring, from forest to field, from playground to pond. But, as enjoyable as all of this is to the fuzzy little bunny, there's still no better place to be at the end of a long day than at home, settling down to sleep with sisters and brothers. Coupled with Lisa McCue's detail-filled illustrations, this beloved backlist bestseller is a delicious read-aloud!
  • This Little Bunny

    Aly Fronis, Sanja Rescek

    Board book (little bee books, Jan. 5, 2016)
    A sweet, Easter-themed, springtime twist on the classic nursery rhyme “This Little Piggy”!This little bunny went to market. This little bunny baked a cake. This little bunny made cookies. And this little bunny took a break. These little bunnies have a lot of work to do to prepare for their Easter party! One goes to the market, one bakes a cake, one paints eggs, one gets tangled in streamers, and one weaves an Easter basket. Now they're all ready to wish you a Happy Easter!
  • Hush Little Baby

    Mother Goose, Marce Gomez, David Silva

    eBook (Xist Publishing, April 15, 2020)
    Hush little baby Don't say a word Papa's gonna buy you a mocking bird... The nursery rhyme classic is paired with beautiful new illustrations to bring the lullaby to a new generation. Each page features whimsical drawings to introduce babies and toddlers to the concepts behind the popular song. This sweet bedtime story makes a great gift for new parents!