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Books with title How Tall Is a Giraffe?

  • How Tall Is a Giraffe?

    Kurt Waldendorf

    Library Binding (Childs World Inc, Jan. 1, 2017)
    Introduces the height of a giraffe to readers through simple text, photograph, and measurement comparisons. Additional features include a phonetic glossary, index, sources for further research, and a Check It Out! section that supplements the main text with additional fun comparisons and facts about the topic.
  • How Tall Is a Giant?

    Lorraine Strenkowski

    Paperback (Tate Publishing, Aug. 5, 2008)
    How tall is a giant? Have you ever asked yourself? Find out how author Lorraine Strenkowski answers this simple childhood question. So many times children create fearful images in their minds, and in their rooms; all the while forgetting the difference between pretend and reality. How Tall Is A Giant? encourages the young reader to change scary into silly, negative into positive, and enforces the concepts of imagination and pretend. With vivid illustrations, this engaging story reminds us all of the simple phrase 'mind over matter.'
  • Tall, Tall Giraffe

    Emily Bolam

    Board book (The Watts Publishing Group, March 17, 1994)
  • Tall Tall Giraffe

    Emily Bolam

    Hardcover (Orchard Books, March 15, 2004)