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Books with title Happy New Year!

  • Happy New Year, Spot!

    Eric Hill

    Board book (Warne, Oct. 18, 2016)
    Ring in the new year with this festive board book featuring everyone's favorite puppy!Spot isn’t old enough to stay up until midnight, but he finds a way to celebrate the New Year early with his family. Bring your party hats and noisemakers as you join Spot in celebrating the new year!
  • Happy New Year Mad Libs

    Gabrielle Reyes

    Paperback (Mad Libs, Oct. 15, 2019)
    Countdown to midnight the Mad Libs way by filling in the blanks for an unpredictable new year.3... 2... 1... ADJECTIVE New Year! Celebrate the start of a brand new year with 21 fill-in-the-blank New Year's Eve stories. Stay up late, watch the ball drop, and crack up your friends with this hilarious collection.
  • Happy New Year!

    Clara Coleman

    Paperback (Powerkids Pr, Jan. 1, 2017)
    Looks at New Year's celebrations in different cultures around the world, including New Year's Eve, Chinese New Year, Dimali in India, and Songkran in Thailand.
  • Happy New Year, Mallory!

    Laurie Friedman, Jennifer Kalis

    eBook (Darby Creek TM, Aug. 1, 2013)
    It's New Year's Eve and Mallory can't wait to celebrate! Her camp friends are coming to Fern Falls and she and Mary Ann have planned out every last detail for a perfect winter reunion and New Year's Eve party. But what Mallory hadn't planned on is getting sick. Poor Mallory has to ring in the New Year in the hospital instead of at home with her friends and family. Mallory thinks she's missing out on all the fun. Is this the beginning of the worst year ever, or is Mallory in for a big New Year’s surprise?
  • Happy Chinese New Year

    V Moua

    language (, Jan. 29, 2018)
    Children's Book: Happy Chinese New YearBedtime Stories for KidsAll over the world, different cultures have their own special celebration for the new year. In this book, Sammy teaches his friend, Mr. Turkey, all about the Chinese New Year. Read the book to learn more!This is a read aloud kids book and is easy to read. The target age range audience is for toddlers, preschool and young children. This is a book that any child will love, especially at bedtime. It is suitable for parents to read to their children. Grandparents will definitely enjoy reading this book to their grandchildren. Read this children's book FREE as part of your PRIME or Kindle Unlimited membership!
  • Slappy New Year!

    R.L. Stine

    Paperback (Scholastic Paperbacks, Nov. 1, 2010)
    Take a little Horror home with you!Ray Gordon is a brave kid. He wants to try out all of the scariest rides at HorrorLand. Unfortunately, his brother, Brandon, is scared of everything--loud noises, roller coasters, and even the wooden dummy named Slappy that Ray gets from Jonathan Chiller's gift shop. There's something not quite right about the evil look on the puppet's face. Ray usually enjoys scaring Brandon but his parents made him promise to stop it, if he wants to have his huge New Year's Eve party. Which is why it is so strange that things keep happening to his younger brother.
  • ...And a Happy New Year?

    Holly Bourne

    Hardcover (Usborne Publishing Ltd, Nov. 1, 2016)
    And a Happy New Year
  • ...And a Happy New Year ?

    Holly Bourne

    Paperback (USBORNE CAT ANG, Nov. 28, 2019)
    Spinster Club girls Evie, Amber and Lottie are having a New Year party to remember! For the first time since leaving college, all three girls are back together. It's time for fun and flirting, snogs and shots. (And not tears and tantrums and horrible secrets.) Because everything's going right for these girls - Spinster Club for ever! Right?
  • Happy New Year!

    PJ Ryan

    language (Magic Umbrella Publishing, Dec. 10, 2013)
    Note: "Happy New Year!" is a short story and a quick read. (estimated 27 pages) Rebekah, Mouse and RJ each have their own fun short story series and sometimes they come together, bringing you these special editions.They all love hanging out, solving mysteries and playing pranks together and we hope you will enjoy these special times as well. It's that time of year again! Time to celebrate the past and ring in an exciting new year. This year Rebekah, RJ and Mouse are doing it up in style at a party Mouse is throwing...only there seems to be one BIG issue! The host is missing! Will Rebekah and RJ be able to solve one last important mystery of the year?
  • Happy New Year!

    Amy Ackelsberg

    eBook (Grosset & Dunlap, )
  • Happy New Year!

    Amy Ackelsberg

    Paperback (Grosset & Dunlap, Oct. 16, 2014)
    Ring in the New Year with Strawberry Shortcake and all her friends in this New Year's Eve-themed 8x8 with a sheet of festive stickers for only $4.99.
  • Happy New Year!

    Greg Roza

    Paperback (Rosen Pub Group, Aug. 30, 2006)
    Roza, Greg