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  • Good President, Bad President

    Diane Namm, rawpixel

    language (Lady of the Canyon, ALL MEDIA, LLC, Oct. 16, 2019)
    A simply written, simply rendered explanation of what qualities make a good President of the United States. In this confusing post-truth world, some things never change. The same qualities that parents teach their children hold true for the qualities that make for good leaders. Adults will appreciate the brevity and sentiments, children will relate to the expressive emoji illustrations that easily communicate the characteristics of good and bad.
  • The bad president

    Phakedi Zeekoei

    A president is facing all kinds of charges for his wrong doing, but still goes on. The people cry for him to do what they put him in power to do. But he does not listen. He and his followers, who work with him in government. Instead they treat the people like fools, and make promises that they don't intend to keep. The people really get angry and take their anger to the street. But he doesn't hear them. So the country goes out of control. And he is left wondering what to do as he has lost power. He is given advice to give the people something to hush them up.