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Books with title George, the Dragon and the Princess

  • Saint George and the Dragon

    Margaret Hodges, Trina Schart Hyman

    Paperback (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, Sept. 4, 1990)
    A Caldecott Award-winning tale of bravery, perseverance, and peace.Saint George and the Dragon retells the segment from Spenser's The Faerie Queene, in which George, the Red Cross Knight, slays the dreadful dragon that has been terrorizing the countryside for years and brings joy to the land.This special new paperback edition of St. George and the Dragon commemorates the 25th Anniversary of the Caldecott Award-winning picture book and is the perfect addition to any collection of folk and fairy tales.
  • The Priestess and the Dragon

    Nicolette Andrews

    An arrogant dragon. A smart-mouthed priestess. The fate of the world depends on them working together.Suzume’s life is ruined. Exiled to a remote mountain shrine, she is training to become a priestess. A life of poverty doesn’t suit her, and she dreams of her old life as a princess. When she accidentally awakens the god of the mountain, she discovers new powers and a whole lot of problems. The god is a fake. For five hundred years, the dragon was trapped at the shrine. Betrayed by the woman he loved, he needs to find her reincarnation to get his revenge. Since Suzume freed him, he chooses her to help him. But when Suzume discovers she’s that woman, it’s a race to seal him again before he finds out.With new powers come dangerous enemies. The dragon is not the only one she needs to worry about. A powerful monster wants Suzume for his own. Until she can learn to control her abilities, the dragon is the only one who can protect her. They must learn to work together to stop him, if they don’t kill each other in the process.If you loved the fierce heroine from Throne of Glass and the action and adventure of InuYasha, you’ll love Nicolette Andrews’s The Priestess and the Dragon.A story of love, magic, and revenge that readers say they couldn’t put down. Get the first book in this fast paced romantic fantasy series today!
  • George, the Dragon and the Princess

    Chris Wormell

    Hardcover (Transworld Publishers, May 1, 2008)
    Far, far away over the high, high mountains in an old castle wall, in a tiny, tiny hole there lives a little mouse called George. He’s very small and rather timid and he can be a bit clumsy too. In fact, poor George is so hopeless that he can't even make lunch without burning his cheese on toast! But when a huge and terrifying dragon attacks the castle, George springs into action! Because as fans of George and the Dragon know only too well, George has a very special talent.
  • The Dragon Princess

    Paris Hansch

    eBook (Origin Publications, April 5, 2020)
    The dragon princess is missing. War is imminent. And someone is pulling the strings behind the scenes.Amidst a collapsing empire, Lord Alexander and his divided siblings must band together to save their people from civil war. Their already strained bonds crumble as 'The Mistress' undermines their fragile unity.As bloodstained pasts begin to resurface the three siblings must awaken their spirit arts, an unforeseen effect of the ancient dragon gods' actions, if they have any hope to survive. But this is all part of her plan. She manipulates their fates from the shadows, intending to devour them from the inside out.Unless the dragon princess sides with them, all may be lost.Perfect for fans of strong female leads, intricate magic, complex epic fantasy plots and of course, dragons. Be sure to scroll up to grab book one now!Want to get a taster of the universe? Grab your free copy of The Last Stand, the prequel novella to the Empire of the Dragon Gods Trilogy, just look inside!
  • Saint George and the Dragon

    Jim Forest, Vladislav Andrejev

    Hardcover (St Vladimirs Seminary Pr, April 5, 2011)
    True stories become streamlined into legends and legends become compressed via symbols into myths. The St. George of myth was a knight in armor who fought a dragon to save a princess, but the real George never saw a dragon nor did he rescue a princess in distress. We are not even sure he had a horse or possessed a sword.A Christian convert born late in the third century after Christ, George was one among many martyrs of the early Church.What made George a saint among saints was the completely fearless manner in which he openly proclaimed his faith during a period of fierce persecution when many other Christians were hoping not to be noticed. According to one ancient account, George went to a public square and announced, ?All the gentile gods are devils. My God made the heavens and is the true God." For this George was arrested, tortured and beheaded. The probable date of his martyrdom is April 23, 303, in the town of Diospolis in Asia Minor, todays Turkey. His witness led to the conversion of many and gave renewed courage to others already baptized.In early icons, George was shown dressed as a soldier and holding the cross of martyrdom, but in the course of centuries the dragon legend emerged. It has been told in many variations, but in its most popular form it concerns a dragon living in a lake who was worshiped by the unbaptized local people, who in their fear sacrificed their children to appease the creature. Finally it was the turn of the king's daughter, Elizabeth, to be sacrificed. While going toward the dragon to meet her doom, Saint George appeared riding a white horse. He prayed to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, then transfixed the dragon with his lance. Afterward Elizabeth led the vanquished creature into the city. Refusing a reward of treasure, George called on the local people to be baptized. The king agreed, also promising to maintain churches,attend church services and show compassion to the poor.From a journalistic point of view, the dragon story is a complete invention, yet what better way is there to symbolize the evil that George actually confronted and defeated than to portray it in the form combat with a fire-breathing dragon? George fought and was victorious over an adversary which enslaved and terrified most of the people of his time. The white horse George rides in the icon, a graceful creature as light as air and as fearless as his rider, represents the courage God gave to George as he faced the power of death. It is the courage God gives to any Christian facing martyrdom or, for that matter, much smaller challenges.This beautifully-illustrated book, with 13 full page illustrations, relates the often-told story of St George and the dragon, with an afterword that looks at the real meaning of the legend.
  • George and the Dragon

    Chris Wormell, Brian Blessed, Random House Audiobooks

    Audiobook (Random House Audiobooks, May 30, 2013)
    Children can enjoy their favourite story time and time again with this audio download. Far, far away in the high, high mountains in a deep, deep valley in a dark, dark cave - there lived a mighty dragon. He was an awesome and frightening creature, terrorising whole armies, destroying castles, demolishing forests and kidnapping princesses. But this mighty dragon had a deep, dark secret...
  • The Dragon, the Knight, and the Princess

    Edward Alan Kurtz, Joel Nisbet, Stergiou Limited

    Audible Audiobook (Stergiou Limited, Aug. 30, 2016)
    The Dragon, the Knight, and the Princess is a fun and entertaining adventure story set in a mythical kingdom long ago. The knight wants to marry the princess, the daughter of the king and the queen. One day, a giant fire-breathing dragon comes to the kingdom and burns everything. The king tells the knight that he can marry the princess, but the knight must first find the dragon and destroy it. The knight goes on a long journey to find the giant dragon, but he becomes trapped in the dragon's cave! Who will help the knight? You'll be surprised to find out!
  • Princess Ingeborg and the Dragons

    Wendy Zomparelli

    Hardcover (Mascot Books, June 5, 2018)
    A lonely princess discovers friendship and happiness in an unexpected place--a valley full of dragons. Princess Ingeborg and the Dragons is much more than a fairy tale. From the familiar craze of chirping (writing a scroll of fourteen words or less and sending it with trained robins) to supporting your DFFs (Dragon Friends Forever), Zomparelli creates a world that feels very much like our own, reminding us of the importance of engaging face to face, both with family and new friends. Strongwater's beautiful illustrations bring this vivid tale to life, creating what's sure to be a favorite on any child's shelf.
  • The Princess and the Dragon

    Audrey Wood

    Board book (Childs Play Intl Ltd, Feb. 1, 2003)
    Using the durable board masks and play script from this book, children can act out Audrey Wood's quirky and amusing story The Princess and the Dragon.
  • The Princess and the Dragon

    Audrey Wood

    Paperback (Childs Play Intl Ltd, Sept. 29, 2002)
    When a princess who behaves like a dragon meets a dragon who behaves like a princess, who knows what will happen! This is suitable for discussion of preconceptions and gender roles.
  • Princess Alexia and the Dragon

    K. Meador, Michaela James, K Meador

    Audiobook (K Meador, March 14, 2014)
    Follow Princess Alexia as she and her brave dog, Zoey, embark on a mission to confront a fire-breathing dragon. She hopes to do what her father's soldiers could not, capture the dragon so another Ample Apple Orchard celebration would not be attacked and the land set ablaze. When Princess Alexia faces her adversary, she is frightened, but her fears abate once she and Titus, the dragon, begin talking. Can she convince Titus to stop plaguing her father's kingdom, and will the festival be celebrated without fear of destruction?
  • George and the Dragon

    Christopher Wormell

    Paperback (Puffin, Dec. 6, 2018)
    'Far, far away in the high, high mountains in a deep, deep valley in a dark, dark cave - there lived a mighty dragon.' He was an awesome and frightening creature, terrorising whole armies, destroying castles, demolishing forests and kidnapping princesses. But this mighty dragon had a deep, dark secret. . . .Uncover a charming tale of adventure, a dragon, and an unlikely hero. Told with gentle humour and mesmerising illustrations, this is a picture book to enchant and delight. This stunning new edition is perfect for new readers, as well as fans of George, the Dragon and the Princess. This much-loved classic tale comes from the exceptional storyteller and illustrator, Chris Wormell.