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  • Football Fun Day

    V Moua

    language (, Oct. 9, 2017)
    Children's Book: Football Fun DayBedtime Stories for KidsIt's that time of year again—it's football season! Sammy loves the sport but this little bird needs your help. So read along as you'll be asked to participate in football practice with Sammy. This is a read aloud kids book and is easy to read. The target age range audience is for toddlers, preschool and young children. This is a book that any child will love, especially at bedtime. It is suitable for parents to read to their children. Grandparents will definitely enjoy reading this book to their grandchildren. Read this children's book FREE as part of your PRIME or Kindle Unlimited membership!
  • Football Is Fun!

    Robin Nelson

    Paperback (LernerClassroom, Aug. 1, 2013)
    From kicking the ball to scoring a touchdown, football is fun! Learn the basics of the sport while building reading skills with these supportive texts.
  • Football

    Shane Frederick

    eBook (Capstone Press, Nov. 1, 2014)
    How much area is there in an entire football field? How do you determine a quarterbacks rating? What is the longest field goal kicked in NFL history? Head to the gridiron to learn about the math of football!
  • Football

    Jim Gigliotti

    language (Cherry Lake Publishing, Jan. 12, 2014)
    In the complex world of the 21st century, the ability to use innovation to solve problems or make products better is a critical skill for kids to possess. This book uses a sport kid's love, football, to highlight how innovation has been used to make the game and the people who play it, better
  • Food, Football, and Fun!

    Katrina Jorgensen

    eBook (Capstone Young Readers, Feb. 1, 2015)
    Whether you're throwing a football party, tailgating at the stadium, or playing in the game, these recipes have you covered. Hand off a pizza pocket football at home, grill up some Thai peanut chicken kabobs at the game, or celebrate with a chocolate-banana smoothie after a big win. With more than 60 recipes, Sports Illustrated Kids' Food, Football, and Fun will keep your hunger in check this football season!
  • Football

    Dennis Pernu

    Library Binding (QEB Publishing _ Quarto Library, Jan. 1, 2020)
    Find out all you need to know about football in this new title from the exciting In Focus: Sports series. Who invented football and how did it turn into the sport it is today? What does the quarterback do? Why is the football coach so important? What's the biggest football competition in the world? With plenty of detail, star profiles, full-color photographs, straightforward text, and lots of fun facts, this is the only guide you'll ever need for football.
  • Football Is Fun!

    Robin Nelson

    Library Binding (Lerner Publications TM, Aug. 1, 2013)
    From kicking the ball to scoring a touchdown, football is fun! Learn the basics of the sport while building reading skills with these supportive texts.
  • Football!

    Robert Crowther

    Hardcover (Walker Books Ltd, )
  • Football

    Valerie Bodden

    Paperback (Creative Paperbacks, July 19, 2016)
    "Do you think about science when you play baseball? Probably not. But you use science anyway." In sports, Making the Play involves more than athletic skill—it's all possible because of physics! Linking scientific concepts such as momentum and launch angle to actions common to each sport, this new series unveils the unseen world of forces at work behind each bat, ball, or club. High-contrast design and relatable images of people at play provide a colorful backdrop to each high-interest title. An elementary introduction to the physics involved in the sport of football, including scientific concepts such as mass and projectile motion, and actions such as tackling and punting. Includes TOC, diagrams, glossary, book references, websites, and index. Full-color photographs throughout.
  • Football for Fun!

    Kenn Goin

    Library Binding (Compass Point Books, Jan. 1, 2003)
    Learn how to play your favorite sport or participate in your favorite activity in this exciting series from Compass Point Books. Each book in the For Fun series features bold, full-color photos, informative text, and all sorts of fun facts about your favorite pastime. A quick reference guide, timeline of important events, instructions on basic skills, biographies of notable people, glossary, and index are included.
  • Football

    Ray Broekel

    Library Binding (Childrens Pr, Oct. 1, 1995)
    Describes the game of football as it is played by high school, college, and professional teams and lists the teams and some famous players of the National Football league
  • Football

    Cathleen Small

    Library Binding (Gareth Stevens Publishing, Aug. 15, 2018)
    Football players are some of the toughest athletes in the world. They go through rigorous training to be able to take the tackling and injury risks of this aggressive, hands-on sport. Football is a sport that requires a lot of smarts, too. Just like chess, it's all about strategy and plays. With feature boxes, athlete spotlights, and strategies of both offensive and defensive positions, this book inspires readers to learn that the best teams in football have to go through just as much mental training as they do physical.