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Books with title Food Atlas: Discover All the Delicious Foods of the World

  • Food Atlas: Discover All the Delicious Foods of the World

    Giulia Malerba, Febe Sillani

    Hardcover (Firefly Books, Aug. 15, 2017)
    An exciting visual journey around the world of foods and flavors. Food Atlas takes readers on a global discovery tour of the ingredients, dishes, and culinary curiosities that characterize the world's continents. The book features appealing illustrations and concise captions organized into 39 regional maps that focus on one country. The book opens with a world map showing the six continents and 50 countries. The featured countries are: North America -- Canada, United States, Mexico South America -- Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Chile Europe -- Great Britain (and Ireland), Norway, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Hungary, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece Asia -- Russia, Lebanon, Turkey, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, India Africa -- Morocco, Egypt, Angola, South Africa, Madagascar Oceania -- Australia, New Zealand, Fiji Islands. Each chapter opens with a continent map showing the countries, each with a selected food or ingredient of importance and introductory text. Every country map has a brief introduction outlining the most important features of the cuisine and culture of food, such as late night meals or traditional morning beverages. The most important foods grown or produced in that country are illustrated within its borders. Local and specialty dishes and beverages that make up the country's cuisine fill the rest of the page. Sometimes a food ingredient is shown in a specific place; e.g., the Khasi mandarin in India's Meghalaya region, which is where it and all other citrus fruits originated; or ostrich eggs in Southern Africa, where the bird lives in savannah and desert habitats. Oceans and seas show marine animals that add to the country's diet. The book closes with a world map that shows how explorers carried some of the world's most widely eaten foods from their land of origin to new lands, where they now fill grocery stores and markets around the world; e.g. rice and citrus came from China; coffee from Ethiopia; black pepper from Vietnam; and so on for all 23 world-traveling foods. Country by country around the globe, readers will discover the gastronomical wonders of the globe in all their delicious variety.
  • Discovery Atlas of the World

    Elizabeth Fagan Adelman

    Paperback (Rand McNally, July 1, 1993)
    Features twenty-five pictorial maps showing terrain, animals, people, cities, and countries for each continent, along with illustrations of the characteristics of the regions